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“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”
: H. Jackson. Brown Jr

From our childhood we are used to this proverb that “ the sooner, the better”.. Hence, our elders have always ensured that we wake up early, take our lessons in time and finish up our work in time or even before time. We dwell in a highly competitive globalised world , wherein we are struggling neck to neck with each other for making us capable for the ‘survival of the fittest’ and so time is very crucial for us. And we practically leave no stones unturned to utilise time to our benefit and our goal is to start early for a better result. Yes, an early start gives you an early finish and once done , you have the entire span in front of you to enjoy and cherish success. Therefore, success in competitive exams like JEE or NEET require an early preparation for a timely achievement and once achieved , half of your dreams get fulfilled. Well you might be thinking why all these been said, right? Now, by the time you must be knowing that your 10th Board Exams have been cancelled by the MHRD and that you are entering onto the 11th standard , pretty well before 45 days! Yes, cheers and lots of Congratulations for this kick-start of yours. Therefore its the ripe time to engage in those preparations, which previously were delayed due to the uncertainty regarding the occurrence of Board Exams…Now, as the exams being scrapped, why not utilize these extra days for excelling yourself? Why not utilize this “opportunity in adversity” better? If you are thinking how to cover that extra mile in preparing for JEE/ NEET, here’s an end to all such woes, as VMC brings you the best guidance , boosting the start of fresh batches from 25th April onwards
Let’s look at the tit-bits of the brand of VMC once more:

At Vidyamandir , we dream , speak and taste success in each and every step. Our legacy of success continues for over 3 decades and we feel immense gratification when our dear students get into their dream colleges and become the true pride of our Nation.
Indeed the name Vidyamandir Classes has become synonymous with success in JEE ADVANCED, JEE MAINS , NEET and other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams.

VMC has not only designed, delivered , innovated and perfected the art of teaching , but has also guided its students eventually helping them to realize their dream career .
In this globalized world of rat race and fierce competition, the number of candidates appearing for JEE ADVANCED, JEE MAINS and other Engineering Entrance exams like BITSAT, VITEE have considerably increased , against the available intake. Hence , succeeding in such competitive environment requires planned preparation and strategy through proper guidance and mentoring by experts.
We at VMC work with the students, carefully understanding their abilities and subject knowledge and then teach them to bring them to the required level, where they can outstand their peers and realize their dream. We believe in “man- making education” and hence the “Real meaning of education” as outlined by our Founders and to provide an environment to all our students which not only help them learn well , but to grow them as individuals and inspire them to realize and explore their own potential.
Further , you ll be happy to know that , VMC have launched ,’VMC ONLINE ’, the best online learning platform for students with a mission and vision. An unique method in its own way , this ‘learn from home‘ side is for educating students , who want to study completely online for IIT-JEE and NEET. Our Correspondence and Distant learning courses have been one of the most sought after courses for years, benefitting some thousands of students. Therefore, we at VMC decided to launch our online educational platform VMC ONLINE as a part of this distant or E-learning. Infact, For the past few years , we were getting students from cities where we have centres and also from cities where we currently don’t have operations but have a high demand for VMC courses and the learning facilities. Also this method of learning and preparation is way more convenient and the students can get the best of the faculties from all over India. Hence, you have ample of options and choices in selecting the best course for you amidst the plethora. One can just look at the sites for online courses :

Infact, VMC is the first premier Coaching institute to give a kick-start for JEE/ NEET preparations for the future Class 11th students from February 2021 onwards , which went off till March 30th. Hence, when the whole country was on a dilemma and under speculations regarding the 10th Board exams, VMC had started the preparations, keeping in mind the old saying that, “the early bird catches the worm”!

Both JEE as well as NEET are out-an-out tough examinations and require a rigorous and a highly thorough preparations. The vast expanse of the syllabus, coupled with analytical and practical applications of the problems, require a methodical approach and lots of practice. Hence acing these exams is not at all a ‘child’s play’ and require years of preparations. Remember , ‘better late than never’.. So whatever may be the case, just push yourself up for your goals . Always remember that if you are steady you will win the race. So get , set and go!!

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