AIIMS – Preparing for Excellence

Every individual aspiring to get into the medical domain wants to know…How to prepare for AIIMS? All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is the best place that a medical contestant can ever imagine to be in. The AIIMS MBBS examination is the most sought-after parameter to enrol into this grand institute. More than a lakh applicants give this entrance examination annually. It is a universal view that preparing for AIIMS is very difficult and aspirants have to put in everything and every ounce of what they have, to get a rating that can get them to qualify to get admission into an esteemed college under AIIMS.

Who are Eligible to appear for the Exam

To qualify for the AIIMS examination, the aspirants must have had passed a higher secondary examination from a board of recognition, with an aggregate of 60 percent in core science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The AIIMS application form is available online at the institute’s official website, or can be availed from a certified centre. It can be filled and submitted online or in the case of a hard copy, it can be filled and submitted to the respective centre.

Tips for AIIMS 2019:

To begin with, aspirants need to figure out which is the best of the most result-oriented method to cover the syllabus in the stipulated timeframe. The aspirants must carry out a comprehensive study of the syllabus initially and identify the kind of questions that will feature in the question paper. This gives a better idea of the ones that need to be focused on at a priority level and those that follow. Applicants must be updated with the current syllabus that has been laid out by the controlling body. There should be no compromise on following the flow of the syllabus accurately and acquiring the most appropriate books and course material.

It is widely known that intelligent workers are more successful as compared to hard workers. A strategy to study is like guidance to ease the way to success. If one is unaware of how the topics are to be prioritized, the chances to succeed are reduced. The Internet is an ocean full of such ideas. These techniques may differ from person to person. Therefore, one has to do a lot of research as to which method of study suits his/her requirements.

Smart work approach comprises practically oriented learning, solving mock papers, dividing the syllabus and taking up and absorbing every topic within the time frame. One also should not forget the sections of the course where one’s knowledge needs improvement. With respect to those areas, one should consistently work on precision and speed. Here again, the internet and other similar means of information have a lot to offer.

Time management needs to be done in such a way that no topic is left undone from the AIIMS syllabus. If one can slot the topics in balanced brackets of time, there is nothing like it. It is said that successful people value time and in return, time values successful people. Achieving goals becomes easier if one divides them into smaller targets. The best way is to clock the syllabus, based on the exam pattern of the type of questions and then, study in that direction.

Not just practice, but practicing it the right way helps one achieve one’s dreams. Thus, in this case, the right practice is to be done on the questions that have featured in the last year’s exams. The last year’s papers offer a direction or some kind of clarity about the pattern of questions that would feature in the examination that is to follow. Analysis of the last year’s question papers will also offer clues on both, the proportion (the type of questions that are more and the types that are less) as well as the permutation (the way they are framed in terms of the pattern). Also, there are some questions that recur in almost every exam. A dry run through the last year’s questions greatly increases the chances of scoring well in the approaching exam.

Just like doing the same activity, again and again, makes one very well-versed in that particular activity; revision of the topics studied does the same in this case. The more one revises, the better is one’s strategy of preparing for the exams. Revision helps one remember what one has studied. It is better to phase the revision in such a manner that every topic, once studied, is followed by its revision. It is advisable to make this a habit and follow it on a regular basis.

The strategy to prepare for the exams is always designed according to the time in hand and the individual’s capacity to cover. However, here are a few general tips for every aspirant of AIIMS:

  • There should be a fixed time slot for studies.
  • The study time slot should not include the time spent at coaching classes.
  • As the hour draws closer, the focus has to be more on the previous year’s question papers and revision
  • An early start leaves a lot of time to prepare, as the exams draw closer
  • Once NCERT study material is done with, one should switch over to the books recommended for the AIIMS exam.
  • One should be taking small breaks for activities that freshen up the mind, such as Yoga, Meditation and Jogging

These are the ideal ways that aspirants can adopt to prepare for the AIIMS exams and score good marks.