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It is past time when a child’s intellect was determined by their mere performance in some school tests. Every individual is unique and accompanies with him/her a unique set of gifts and talent. Olympiads is a platform, conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation, which is rightfully meant to encourage the young learners and instill in them a sense of learning and ignition for subjects like: Mathematics, Science, Computers, General Knowledge and English. The exam is conducted at two levels: International Level Olympiad and National Level Olympiad. The exam lays a strong fundamental in identifying a student’s potential whilst aiming to provide a promising future.
However, somewhere along the line, Olympiads’ worth is narrowed down as nothing more than an added burden. Some students and even parents for that matter feel pressurized just by the name of it. Despite the fact that it is seen in the dark light by many, the truth that Olympiad prods students’ beyond their limit to helping them find their calling can’t be taken for granted.
Olympiad exams are conducted at a very large scale for students from class 1 to 12. SOF organizes 6 Olympiad tests each year:
(i) National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
(ii) (ii) National Science Olympiad (NSO)
(iii) (iii) International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
(iv) (iv) International English Olympiad (IEO)
(v) (v) International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)
(vi) (vi) International Company Secretaries Olympiad Olympiad (ICSO)

Let’s delve further to know the plethora of benefits Olympiad exam has to offer:
• The experience of giving challenging exams like Olympiad will inculcate the confidence in students which will act as a stepping stone in shaping their personality and their future. Additionally, with lucidity of concepts and value addition of new skills, students cultivate assurance to take challenges and competitions in life. The new mindset for lateral thinking helps to broaden the horizon of learning which further enables them to aspire for better and turn up to be the best in everything they do.

• Olympiad intend to test the skills in learners such as observing, identifying, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, analytical-thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing and many more. By participating in Olympiad, students will develop skills and improve their aptitude which will certainly help them in a great deal of time.
• Participating in Olympiads gives an understanding into the already exsting competitive exams in this world. Early experience of competition and learning help learners to know their potential in higher level of competitive exams like, NEET, JEE, CA, IAS, UPSC etc.

• Olympiad exams also help students to perform well in school tests. Adopting the holistic approach, the exam improves the knowledge in different subjects required in school level exams. It further exposes students to new concepts which can prove out to be fruitful.

• Olympiads provide a big platform where even primary level students can showcase their talent at State, National and International levels. Students get the experience of competitive exam and also get to know where they stand amongst their peers at National level.

Well, are you worried about how to prepare and score big in such Olympiads? Here’s an end to all such woes, as VMC’s excellent faculty equips you with the tips and tricks and all the necessities required to wear winning hats in such exams. You can once visit: https://youtu.be/2Yk6ZsNmbhE for more details.

Olympiads is a great platform to sieve out the best. It helps students to identify their capabilities and real potential that may assist them in enduring today’s competitive world. Apart from being a motivation to do better, the exams also provides a deeper understanding of different subjects which enhances their mindset and sharpens their skills.

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