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All work and no play , makes Jack a dull boy”.. Well, we all have heard it and been hearing it since our childhood …right? Yes, we are dwelling in an age , characterised by rat race, perfectionism and expertise in every sphere. Hence, in order to make oneself fit in this so-called ‘perfectionist’ world , one needs to be well acquainted, if not perfect not only in studies , but also in one or more co-curricular activities. This is out-an-out important for the development of one’s personality as well. But honestly in this competitive globalised world , we actually are left with ‘no time to stand and stare’! And specially when we have to cope up with the pressures of exams like JEE or NEET, finding a little time to pursue our hobbies or passions seem to be a far-sighted cry. However, keep in mind that nothing is impossible if you follow your mind accordingly . Therefore, here remains 5 important tips specially for you, as how to balance your NEET/ JEE exam along with your hobbies and passions:

KNOW YOUR HOBBIES/ PASSIONS : The first and foremost thing is you have to know or understand as to where your passion or interest actually lies in. Let’s suppose you know singing, painting , can play a particular sport and can also recite at the same time… Well , no doubt you are a multi-talented person ..However knowing a thing and knowing a thing well and then pursuing it for the long run aren’t the same thing.. It’s good if you know or have interest in multiple fields, but take up that one , wherein you find your soul. In other words, your hobbies or passion should compliment your personality , without being a burden. Remember that too many cooks spoil the broth. Hence take up that one , which you want to continue in the longer run, may be a second alternative to your career.
SCHEDULE FOR A TIME-TABLE: Make yourself a routine with slots for each subject with adequate provisions for break in it. Utilise those breaks in pursuing your skill or hobby , in one or 2 slots. Try to practise in such a way that everyday in the morning you will have 1 slot of at least 15 minutes time for that hobby and similarly in the evening. By doing so , your both ends can be managed as well as you will remain stress-free during your preparations time.
TRY TO BE A LITTLE IMPERFECT AT THIS JUNCTURE : Perfection is important and utmost necessary in whatever you do , but as your exams are knocking at your doors, your first priority would be to focus on it first and hence to be perfect in that sphere for the time being, you can be a little imperfect in your interest. In other words, make your interest like a supplementary read wherein a little focus can suffice and if you try to be a perfectionist in it , your focus from your priority that’s your exams will get diverted. Make your interest interesting only!
CONCENTRATE ON ONE ASPECT AT A TIME: Don’t let your mind oscillate between things. When you are studying , then make sure to have cent percent concentration and forget about your hobbies or interest. Similarly for those 15 minutes, you are with your hobby, just let your mind concentrate on that only and don’t entertain your mind to allow space for exams or exam related things then. Often it happens that, whenever we are pursuing any hobby, at the back of our mind it plays that ‘this work is left’ or ‘what will happen if i can’t perform well’.. It’s advised that just be yourself and enjoy those minutes of leisure!
DON’T OVERSTRESS YOURSELF: Finally the most important thing you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t overstress yourself at any point of time. Since the pressures of JEE/ NEET exams are already way much, your hobbies should allow space for breathing , instead of stressing you out too much. If you feel that your hobbies or interests are taking too much time from you or making you pressurised immediately leave that and relax yourself. Have adequate sleep and meditate in between too.

Thus, if you follow these simple tips, you can assure yourself of pursuing both ends. However it needs to be kept in mind that these are relative and may vary from person to person. Overall you should never loose track and your focus shouldn’t get diverted from your main aim of cracking JEE/ NEET…Your hobbies and interests are like oxygen , facilitating for a smooth breathing space , resulting in your success ..So relax and enjoy them , while being determined at your main goals.

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