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We are going through the toughest phase of human existence. The pandemic named as COVID-19 has nearly put our lives to a standstill. In this crisis phase , the medical personnel have appeared as our saviours! Not only for now , but in the past and for the future till the world draws to an end , our doctors and medical friends had , have and would continue to be our ‘life-givers’ and ‘healers’. Hence , this aptly justifies the need for more and more medical personnel , the doctors , specially in a developing country like India. This demand in turn has increased more and more of young generation to apply for medical courses and for years, this craze has always been on the rise.

Preparing for medical entrance examinations require a lot of hard work and patience, we keep on hearing it from the day we decide to prepare for medical entrance exam. Things got even more complicated and confusing for medical aspirants from last year with the inclusion of reputed institutes like AIIMS and JIPMER in the NEET entrance exam so now there will be no separate exam for AIIMS and JIPMER in upcoming years . Saying so it’s clear that a specific approach is must for clearing the entrance exam, so to help all the young medical aspirants In this article I am going to share what exactly should be your approach while preparing for medical entrance exam such that within less span of time you can clear the entrance exam with flying colours. As an aspiring medical professional, you need to follow this specific approach that will guide you throughout the process of entrance exam, As once your approach and goal are set, you can move ahead accordingly. So, kindly read the article to the last as I believe it will benefit medical aspirants greatly.

The following Points will prove beneficial as an approach for all medical aspirants: –

1.Good mentors.. Most important aspect of a specific approach to prepare for the medical entrance exam is to have subject-specific mentors for physics chemistry and Biology which are the main part of Medical Entrance Exam curriculum who have experience of guiding medical aspirants from past many years as the number of applicants is much higher than the total number of seats available in the government-run medical colleges . It’s generally around 1500000 aspirants for 10 to 12000 government seat all over India. This ratio makes it different from all other entrance exams and also makes it the difficult forgetting the success in this exam. we get such good subject specific mentors under one roof in reputed coaching institutes for medical entrance exam preparation like VidyaMandir classes . Being under the guidance of such mentors will help you to save your time as they will be very specific that what all things you are supposed to learn and practice and what all things you are not supposed to and it’s very essential to know this as the material available in the market is endless for preparing.. .

  1. Checking the change in pattern from previous year papers… this has become more essential with the inclusion of AIIMS and JIPMER within the NEET U.G entrance exam. we have seen from past few years, That the question which are asked in the entrance exam required more of basic understanding of subject and less of much in depth knowledge and calculations and the paper is more focused on NCERT syllabus as the new body NTA for conducting medical entrance exam was established few years back. Questions are equally asked from both class 11 and 12. so it’s important to focus on both the classes and start preparing early as soon as you get admitted in medical stream in your school. In the AIIMS exam assertion reason questions general knowledge used to be there but in the NEET UG Entrance Exam such questions are not there as we have seen in the last year so we must adopt to a different approach now by avoiding practicing such questions and save our time. NEET exam comprises a total of 180 questions out of which Physics and Chemistry consist of 45 questions each and Biology comprise 90 questions.

3.Proper utilization of resources: Last year during covid pandemic time government of India has released an application NTA Abhyas for medical aspirants.. all the experience can download this application for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store. This app has mock test of all the subjects and full papers for the medical aspirants at least once a week all the aspirants must give these test it will help them to know what all changes they need to make in their preparation strategy and on what topics they are supposed to focus more. Medical aspirant should solve all the questions which are at the back of NCERT properly. Time to time he must revise the mistakes he made in his previous test series and question papers.

4.Checking the previous year cut off: this also becomes a very important factor of having approach towards the medical entrance exam as it differs greatly from state to state with Delhi getting its state quota closed at 630 marks for MBBS and in states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh you can get the seat around 580-590 Marks too and most of students wish to get admitted in a particular college which they like, in general earlier 600 marks out of 720 use to be considered safe score and students used to leave 20 to 30 questions and attempted 150 questions out of 180 and still they manage to score 600 after attempting 150 questions but now the trend has changed to get to the good Government Medical College you need to score minimum of 630 marks. So your strategy should be to attempt maximum. questions possible and for that you need to focus and include to learn and practice about each and every topic in your approach for the preparation you can’t afford to leave even few topics from the syllabus and curriculum of Medical Entrance Exam. An important point to consider is if you take a seat in any other state via all India quota you will lose the existing state quota in your PG entrance exam. And some States have bonds to serve the state for few years and if you will not follow the bonds you need to pay a huge amount to the state government.

5.Revision :It’s very important like many other exams to revise what you have read for being successful in the medical exam. Medical Entrance Exam NEET requires you to focus specifically on diagrams and labeling from biology and chemical reactions specifically the organic chemistry ones from Chemistry and laws and numerical from the Physics section. While revising you need to keep a subject specific notebook with you and write down what seems difficult for you to remember. It will help you to have a firm grasp on the subject. Students may also practice previous years JEE main chemistry and physics section as many times it is seen that question are directly repeated from it. It’s advised to attend all the classes at your coaching and school. And revise the things taught at school and coaching as soon as possible because NEET exam is also about remembering what you have learnt and revising it early will help you to remember it for longer time as proved psychologically.

Following are some of the must to do topics from Biology, Physics and Chemistry that are part of the medical entrance exam syllabus:

Biology: Genetics and Evolution, Diversity in Living World, Reproduction, Plant Physiology, Biotechnology and Its Applications, Biology and Human Life, Human Physiology.
◦ Physics: Physical World and Measurement, Current Electricity, Laws of Motion, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Gravitation, Dual nature of Radiation, Thermodynamics, Atoms and Nuclei.
◦ Chemistry: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Thermodynamics, States of Matter, Equilibrium, Block Elements, Coordination Compounds, Hydrocarbons Polymers.

6.NEET. you must know that Unlike the JEE exam its mandatory to qualify NEET( National eligibility cum entrance test) to get admitted even in private medical colleges of India and some foreign universities to demanded if you want to study medical course from foreign university. The NEET exam is basically a race against time as you are supposed to solve a question in the minute as the exam consists of 180 questions to be solved in 180 minutes so you must practice as much as you can at least 180 equations daily must be practiced 90 from Biology 45 45 questions from Physics and Chemistry section it will help you to get your mind adapted according to the exam.

In the epilogue, it worth mentioning that it is a long and difficult path to the road of becoming a doctor. To become a good doctor , one must have an habit of reading for long hours and not just reading , immersion in the subject is required to correlate with the different segment.
One must be able to accommodate himself or herself under any circumstances and should able to bear mental pressures and stress and strains.
A final reminder: do not stress. Keep your cool and study. There have been many success stories, so do not worry – it is possible. Apply yourself – stick to a flexible plan and things will work out fine.

It is going to be a rigorous test of your life, but always remember that you can do it. Follow these steps and stay motivated. Share this with your friends and maybe you can engage in group studies as well. Plus, it is always best to get more positive inputs that you can integrate in your planning. Best of luck.
Remain calm and poised. That’s the sign of a Doctor in progress!

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