Introducing Young Technology Scholars program by Young Tech Scholars team

Dear Students


Young Technology Scholars (YTS) has been conceptualised by a group of CEOs, MDs and Founders of top global and Indian companies. The curriculum has been designed by top faculty, in collaboration with alumni from top institutes like IIT, IIM, HBS and UC Berkeley. This group has come together with a bold collective vision to reimagine technology education to make it more interdisciplinary, oriented to problem solving and hands-on.

YTS is a first-of-its-kind initiative and will provide a select group of bright students with a flavour of this exciting new paradigm of technology education which the group is bringing to India.

Young Technology Scholars is a two-week residential summer program where students will be exposed to real world engineering and hands-on learning. Through an interdisciplinary coursework, students will learn how to leverage technology to solve complex problems. The program curriculum has been designed by senior faculty from leading universities of the world, in collaboration with alumni from top institutes like IIT, Harvard and IIM.
Program Logistics:
  • Dates: June 3 – 16, 2018
  • Timings: Full-time residential program
  • Eligibility: Grades 9, 10 and 11
  • Venue: Pathways World School, Aravali Gurgaon
  • Application Deadline: April 20, 2018
  • Program Fee: Rs 70,000
  • Scholarships available on application
If you’re interested or want to know more details, please visit the YTS website. In case you have any questions, please write to
Check out the Young Tech Scholars brochure here

Counselling JEE Adv – Computer Science & Engineering @ IITD

The computer science degree is a general program that focuses on algorithms, computing problems and solutions, and the design of computer systems and user interfaces from a scientific/mathematical perspective. Includes instruction in the principles of computational science, and computing theory; computer hardware design.

Don’t worry if you could not understand the technical terms above, you will learn them in due course of time. You are not taught programming explicitly but are rather taught the concepts behind writing programs in form of how to efficiently store the data with the help of Data structures and how to efficiently operate on them. These two concepts form the core of whatever you learn about programming during your stay. For example, you will be taught the theory behind a program, how to approach the problem, how to formulate the solution, essentially what all steps to do in the form of an algorithm. However, you will not be taught a definite “code” for the same since it can change from language to language. You will end up doing as much mathematical stuff as the conceptual theory stuff with courses like Discrete mathematics, Probability and lots of Induction based proofs but be rest assured, although a bit abstract, the computer science courses are some of the most logical ones you are going to find.

Counselling JEE Adv – Electrical Engineering @ IITD

Electrical Engineering department at IITD offers 3 courses

1) B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

2) Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering

3) B.Tech in Electrical Power

Note: Electrical Power (3) relates to what is usually called Electrical in other colleges which deals with power systems, machines, distribution and transmission systems. While, Electrical (1) and (2) includes what is generally called Electronics and Communication. The M.Tech in Dual Degree course is in Information and Communication Technology.


The best thing about Electrical Engineering is that it is a very vast subject with as many as 4 different streams from which students can choose. These streams are

Counselling JEE Adv – Mechanical @ IITD

Mechanical engineering is not about purely cars and bikes. It envelopes all sectors like agriculture, defence, mining, etc. Don’t be surprised to hear that mechanical engineering can be applied to jam production. It is basically concerned with machines and how to improve their working efficiency.

Mechanical Department is broadly classified into 3 categories namely:

1. Design Group

2. Thermal Group

3. Production Group

4. Industrial Group

Counselling JEE Adv – Production & Industrial @ IITD

Production and Industrial Engineering is a part of Mechanical Engineering, which mainly covers Industrial and production par out of the four subgroups of mechanical engineering: Industrial, Production, Design and Thermal. Design is also studied although not in greater depths.

Production courses provide great technical and practical (hands on experiences) knowledge. It is fascinating to learn how the products we see in our daily life are manufactured through various processes (about which most people never think).

Design courses involve fair amount of mechanics and deals with designing of a component according to the functional requirements before its real manufacturing. In Industrial, students learn great managerial knowledge. It includes aspects like Supply chain management and operations research which aim at management and optimization of operations.