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“There’s no substitute to hard work”.

Yes! We have been hearing this from our childhood, which undoubtedly held it’s relevance throughout all the phases of our lives.. However, in this rat-race age of competition, one needs to tackle things not only by means of hard work, but “smart work” too! This is extremely important for the students, who have to juggle board exams , along with that of competitive exams like IITJEE .Every year, lakes of students fight neck to neck with each other for just some thousand seats in IIT. Hence, it requires not only thorough preparation strategies, but also one needs to choose subjects wisely too. Sounds difficult? Yes, it is though a bit, but never impossible. And by never impossible, I mean that you can successfully come out with flying colors in both, if you follow some steps in choosing your optional subject. Apart from the compulsory subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, one needs to choose optional subject in a way, which won’t make your preparations burden, as well as letting you have enough time for your ultimate goal of getting into an IIT.. So, let’s look at some of those subjects.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: : This is the most COMMON fifth subject for JEE aspirants, but is it the right choice? While it is true that you need to study the night before or a few nights before . You will have to mug up the answers exactly. Since it is very subjective, your marks are entirely in the hands of the checker. PE is not very concept heavy So you don’t have to pay continuous attention throughout the year to score well in the exam at the end. Almost every PE lecture scheduled turned out to be a time where you could work on your preparation. So you’re a lot of free time on your hands. Hence, even it’s subjective, you can score well too. Therefore, Physical Education can be a good choice as it requires the least effort so you won’t have to invest much time in preparing for its exams and exercises.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: This will give you an advantage as you will try coding in college, and this will give you an edge. Your basics will be clear, and the board paper is very scoring as there are many choices and parts to every question. More over, the questions are mostly objective, and you won’t have to write paragraphs and paragraphs. But keep in mind that this subject often requires a lot of effort and they may interfere with your JEE preparation sometimes. Many students believe that if they would pursue Computer Science in their College then opting Physical Education would keep them at a disadvantage compared to the students who opt for computer science as their fifth subject, but believe me it won’t matter much! You would be at par with them once your first semester ends. You can also study the basics of CS after your JEE advanced exam as you get a two month break before your college starts.

BIOLOGY : If you are giving the medical exams, then you will obviously take Biology. If you are very clear that you want to do engineering, then do NOT take Biology since it is a lot of effort and it is much harder than the other options. So don’t go for it if you will only engineering exams.

ECONOMICS : If you like Economics or want to take up Finance, you can explore this. However, do keep in mind that this subject requires constant efforts and hence it might take up a lot of your preparation time.

LANGUAGE: Though English is compulsory, if you are keen on certain other language , you can take that as well for optional subject.

Thus, these are some of the most common optional subjects , one can take with PCM. However, always keep in mind that your perseverance, determination, motivation and focus matter the most if you are nail-bent on cracking IITJEE. With these ingredients, the most difficult and impossible often turn out smooth and picture perfect. So gear up and ace it enthusiastically!

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