VMC vs others in producing IITJEE 2009 Toppers

Lately many coaching centers are showing big advertisements in local newspapers where they show their top selections in IITJEE 2009 result. Many students and their parents believe that these selections are from Delhi zone as they are advertised by local coaching centers. Even many parents are thinking they are more their classroom programs. This is totally a wrong and misleading picture. Most of these selections are from other states (mostly south and west India) and from programs like Test Series, Rankers file etc in which these coaching centers don’t teach anything.

Here we want to highlight the true picture of top ranks in IITJEE 2009. Every parent and student must know about this so that data provided by other coaching centers should not mislead them.

Also through this we want to open the eyes of those who have misconception that VMC does not produce top ranks as compared to other coaching centers. It is also a must read for those who don’t trust the authenticity, methodologies and innovations of VMC.

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VMC Top Ranks in AIEEE – 2009 exam

Following is the list of top ranks of VMC students in AIEEE-2009.

There are 11 ranks in top 100 and the list is still not complete. Is not this an excellent result? 11% of the toppers from VMC. VMC just taught 550 local students (most of them Delhi-NCR) in only one center as compared to other coaching centers who have their presence in all big cities and they teach thousands of students.

Don’t let other coaching centers mislead you by showing big adv in local papers where they show their selections from other states (mostly South and West India) and from programs like Test Series, Rankers file etc in which they don’t teach anything.

All these 11 students were enrolled in 2 years classroom program. It is a big achievement and all VMCians who love VMC should be proud of it.


We are not highlighting or publishing this result for common people. We want to show our success to VMC students so that they know they are getting the best coaching of this country and they can also get best ranks in 2010 and 2011 exams. We want to tell VMC students that our programs and our teaching methodologies are most innovative and proven to be the best for the students. Most of the other coaching centers are just trying to follow our innovations.

Please send your AIEEE ranks at result@vidyamandir.com. Those who scored in Top 500, please leave a comment so that I can update the blog.