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We hope this should shed some light on the BITSAT preparation. Also, a lot of websites are available which offer free sample papers and you can go through them as well if you get a chance. Dont buy extra sample papers but if it is possible to attempt a couple of them online without any additional cost, you should go through.

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AIEEE 2010 – What Rank I can expect?

This year AIEEE 2010 exam was held on 25th April, 2010. Around 11.5 lakh people appeared for this exam as compared to around 9.5 lakhs in AIEEE 2009.

There were no changes in the pattern of AIEEE exam as compared to AIEEE in 2009 where as there were changes in 2009 exam as compared to 2008. For example: This year also like AIEEE 2009, there were 30 questions in each subject with 1/4 of negative marking. So there were total 90 questions and total maximum marks were 432.

Difficulty Level

Mathematics paper was little difficult as compared to last year. …..

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AIEEE 2010: Detailed solutions now available!

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As always, Vidyamandir classes and 100Percentile are the first ones to come up with the Solutions and Analysis to AIEEE paper.

You can view Solutions and Analysis to AIEEE 2010 papers by clicking on the following link:

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