All the best for JEE Mains Result

Dear All today is the result day for JEE Mains.

I sincerely request all of you to take whatever the result may be, in positive way.

Don’t let it spoil in way the enthusiasm for coming exams. BITSAT & Advanced JEE abhi hona hai, which are more important. Back up plan is not bad either i.e. IPU.

Please do not compare your ranks with your fellow friends. Do not feel low in any case. Your parents may not feel satisfied, but you all should not feel the same.

LIFE IS TOO BIG A CANVAS. This is just beginning. Success or failures in one venture do not define the life. So in all scenario, be a true VMCian and accept your result with gratitude.

Wish you all the best and pray to GOD that HE decide what is best for you.

Do not forget that you have given your best effort for it. And finally, ”Jo Hoga Theek Hoga


All Bhaiyas and whole VMC Team