Counselling JEE Adv – Electrical Engineering @ IITD

Electrical Engineering department at IITD offers 3 courses

1) B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

2) Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering

3) B.Tech in Electrical Power

Note: Electrical Power (3) relates to what is usually called Electrical in other colleges which deals with power systems, machines, distribution and transmission systems. While, Electrical (1) and (2) includes what is generally called Electronics and Communication. The M.Tech in Dual Degree course is in Information and Communication Technology.


The best thing about Electrical Engineering is that it is a very vast subject with as many as 4 different streams from which students can choose. These streams are

1. Information and Communication – Here, you study Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Networks, Computer Architecture and other things like that.

2. Control and Automation – Here you do things like robotics and control systems.

3. VLSI – This stream is about semiconductor electronics that has revolutionized the chip design methods and hence enabled us to have as small laptops and mobiles, with so much capacity as we see today.

4. Power – This stream deals with power systems, machines, distribution and transmission systems.

Very few other departments offer so much choice and diversity to their students. As a result students can choose what they would like to study and also they have many different job options available to them. Thus, unlike Computer Science and Mathematics and computing (MCA) which tend to be very specific, it has a nice combination of coding, Mathematics and science


There are quite many good courses if you seriously wish to explore Electrical engineering including the practical components. And they are definitely relevant to the domain. Like – Communication Engineering, Digital Electronics (My favourite course), Image Processing, Computer Architecture (Another of my favourites), Signals and Systems.

Then there is definitely the added advantage of doing lots of Computer Science (CS) Courses more than any other department due to the proximity of content of courses. Some CS courses are core for us – Data Structures (Excellent course), Intro to Programming (Basic course).

Maximum people find the electrical power courses extremely boring that we need to do (as they are core courses) but then there are boring courses in every department.


If you are on lookout for humble and helpful professors, you will definitely find 2-3 such professors who would be of such a type and teach you. They would “generally” be good in teaching as well. Make them your best friends, and they would behave like one as well.

There are of course the sleepy and mundane professors of classroom teaching but then they are in every department. Don’t worry about such professors or their courses, you would learn the best approach as and when you enter their course. Believe me, it is true and definitely the best way to deal with such courses and professors.

Activities and Jobs

Departmental activities are normal pretty much like any other department.

There are lot many students from our department who love to explore many activities be it cultural like dancing, singing etc or techno-cultural like Robotics etc.

There is no dearth of facilities of labs, equipments, budget or anything and if you are enthusiastic, this department is one of the best to be in IITD.

There is a prospect of excellent projects as well if you are truly an electronics freak. Trust me, you will like this department if you manage things well and are enthusiastic.

In terms of jobs and salaries, as you all know, it is second only to Computer Science.

Dual degree program

Though you may not understand this a lot but this is just to give you are an electrical engineer, you will be doing courses like Digital electronics, Analog electronics (BJTs, MOSFETs and Amplifiers), Signal and systems & communication (Transforms, filters, realization of different systems), Control engineering, Circuit theory as are done by the Electrical B.Tech students.

Apart from these you will be doing courses specifically in communication and information technology stream that includes multimedia systems, signal theory, computer networks etc as a part of the post graduation degree. You can also choose to do some CS courses apart from the core ones if you enjoy programming. Some aptitude in mathematics will help for sure since probability and some other courses of mathematics are used in a number of department courses and some of the courses are pure mathematics. Rest it’s all the same as Electrical engineering B.Tech. Electrical Dual is a very good opportunity for those who are interested in electrical engineering because the courses are almost same as that of B.Tech. Though you have to study for an extra year but that is worth it if you like your subjects and jobs are at par with that of electrical B.Tech students.

For electrical power program: Courses are same till the second year and start deviating from the third year when you start to study more about the power distribution. Jobs are pretty much the same because most of the people opt for the non-core jobs.


Akshay Sharma & Rohit Taneja

Helped By:

Sonali Ranga & Praveen Vera