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Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance… It is helping them to learn rather teaching them”…
..Timothy Gallwey

We all need a ‘guide’ or ‘coach’ in our lives , to help us sail through. The importance of Coaching institutes in present day scenario hence can hardly be ignored. They not only help to provide the extra guidance for examinations, but also facilitate the path further for a student to reach his or her goals . A child often feels shy or introvert in a school to ask the doubts or for clarification… Coaching institutes just provide that and makes the former ready for the future.

The coaching industry in India has evolved significantly over the years. With the teaching in the school segment expected to grow from US$ 8 billion in 2011 to US$ 26 billion by 2020, there lies a large and fast growing market for coaching and tutoring services imparted through innovative means, mainly the internet. (Source: India Brand Equity Foundation report 2019). An average of 14,00,000 understudies show up for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) every year. Hence, it increases or gears up the growth for such institutes. Also, a report by ASSOCHAM, reveals that 70% of the guardians from all strata of the social chain are in favour of spending a lumps to these training institutes.


• The coaching industry is expected to grow further in the future due to increased awareness, high competition and the increase in the percentage of people spending on education for a better future. The key trends include focus on interpersonal skills, technology advancement for an agile environment and more emphasis to increase the capability to demonstrate measurable results. Furthermore, the increasing demand for engineering and medical as an occupation has augmented the number of students choosing for entrance test preparation classes.

Enrolments are increasing in all major coaching centers as students have chosen to start preparing as early as class 8th or even before. The aspirants preparing in engineering for JEE main is approx. 13 L and for NEET exams is approx. 16L.

• Nowadays, most of the parents are working and find it difficult to help and assist the child, which is another factor for additional coaching classes. Last but not the least, specialized coaching becomes important for advanced entrance exams as they give complete guidance and support to students till last.

• The coaching for the entrance exams also help students for their board exams as they take coaching for the main subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry and Maths/Biology.


To make the education and learning process unhindered in this Pandemic situation, We have introduced an online mode of delivery through live classes from our best and experienced faculty members with a vast teaching experience ranging between 15 to 20 years and who have habit of producing uber results. Vidya Mandir has gained prominence among IIT competitors by giving proper courses in more than 30 urban areas. With almost 48 top scorers through the proper course and 9 top scorers through a correspondence course in the JEE Advance, Vidya Mandir is certainly worth it for exam preparation….[]The content and knowledge shared are different and advanced as we will focus on quality of delivery for which Vidyamandir Classes is known for. Many of the edtech companies are having young college students for teaching and the quality of content is not abundant for our young aspirants neither they are able to produce or showcase their results. Hence, this online mode of education is going to open new avenues for both the learners as well as the Coaching institutes. Further, the various courses offered by the Coaching institutes , now through online mode , the webinars, test series etc undoubtedly prove that they are the “it for the longer race”. The occurrence of the system of online education and the approval of it by the higher authorities, would create newer opportunities for the Coaching institutes in future, since most of the learners would seek more of such guidance through the Coaching institutes…Hence, we can safely say that the future years would offer us a blended model of offline and online courses in the Coaching institutes and therefore would generate more facilities for them and more attention…Those who prefer to study through offline mode, after the Pandemic can get the same as well as those who can’t afford to spend time by physically attending , can avail the same learnings too…This intermingling of online and offline only gives credibility to the fact that the process of imparting education should go on despite all hindrances.

Thus, the future of Coaching industry in India will unveil a new path of learning and guidance, both through offline and online mode and hopefully, it will cater to the needs of each and every student, and will reach even the remotest part of our country.

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