Hard Work-: A vector quantity

First thing that comes to my mind when i think about preparing for IIT through Vidyamandir Classes is that -: "Hard work is a vector quantity." What i mean by this is that not only magnitude of hard work is important but also its direction. If I only put the magnitude to a vector and not the direction then the vector becomes meaningless and same is the case with hard work. It is of no use if you just keep on slogging and working hard if you are not putting your efforts in the right direction and this is precisely what vidyamandir does. It not only makes a student to go in the right direction but also stop the ones who are going in the wrong direction.

Now when i look back at these two years i can say that it has been quiet a wonderful journey..I have grown quiet a lot in terms of maturity, coolness of mind and way to handle things..I have changed and changed for better. I can now tackle tough things without panicking which i completely lacked two years back, i have more self-belief and self-confidence in me than i had two years back. So all in all i have not only made professional progress but also personal progress.

I still remember my first VMC class where i was told these lines-: "Preparing for IIT needs hundreds of ingredients and studies is only one component." Cracking IIT is not only about slogging and working hard but its a combined effort of how to attempt paper, how to handle difficulties in exam, how to motivate yourself throughout these two years and the list goes on and on…

Let me now start my journey of IIT preparation, i went to vidyamandir thinking that i will be one of the lasts there, i was underconfident from the starting and was a bit worried that whether i will be able to cope up with the pressure or not..This was a positive as well as negative point, positive because that made me study more and more and negative because i always had that fear in my mind of not performing well. When i started my preparation it took me two to three months time to get in tune with the way of studying of vidyamandir, at first "class copy" was a new word for me and i was asked to revise it many times. At first i was not comfortable with it and i used to skip revising it but after two three months i got to understand what i was supposed to do. I did not have to cram it but i had to learn the approach and how to use it in solving questions. That is the important part, i used the way i was taught in class to solve questions and not only cram the method. This is precisely the essence of vidyamandir teaching. Many students (including me) do not understand as to what does revising class copy means. If you understand the purpose of revising things (i.e. to apply your knowledge), many things become quiet easy and you tend to cope up with it.Slowly and slowly i became quiet confident about myself and i kicked off from third month.

Not only studies but i started gaining maturity about how to handle pressure at school , how to keep yourself motivated and what are things that i was not supposed to do..These things are a part of vidyamandir’s curriculum and the students who pay attention to it have an edge over the others.We were taught about school life, politics, sports, persona life and what not. In short our teachers touched each part of our life and this is where i believe lies the difference between vidyamandir and other coaching .Believe me that there is a lot of things that are required at examination hall other than your brain and body. You need temperament i.e. patience, coolness, carefullness and many other things. I know many of my friends who are no less than me but they could not clear JEE because they did not have the faith in themselves ,who did not know how to react to situations and thus could not perform well in exam.

From the starting of my preparations i treated every vidyamandir class as a special class and thats why it had a special impact on me…I remember quiet a number of classes, what happened in it, which jokes were cracked in it and so on.. So this was a very big advantage as i therefore remembered many things that were taught to me..The classes were more special because they were less in numbers , thats why i prepared for almost every class, this helps in class and you can have the grasp of topics better.

From the fourth test series i started analysing the test series, i wanted to perform to the best possible extent so that i could maximise my performance in the JEE paper. From the 7th test series i started giving written feedbacks to my teachers so that i can think about my mistakes and try to correct them.In VMC we were also taught , that where do students fall out, this is a very important part.Somebody said -"Learn from the mistakes from others, life is not long enough to make all of them." So i always learned where others student lacked, because it is highly possible i might fall out there too..We were also told that what is the examiners thinking behind the question, this is the best part. If one can understand examiners mind about a certain question, i think half the battle is won…You have to know what examiner wants because if you will not then you will most probably get sidetracked from the question..

Talking about sidetracking i can say that i never for a moment did get sidetracked from my goal, i kept myself motivated along and vmc has full credit to it..They said things that gave me self-belief that i can do it, they told us things that made it easier for us.I always say , vmc is not about iit, its about life, how to live it and how to learn from it .They prepare you for life and they convert you from a immature person to a responsible person who know what wants in life..

So all in all, my life at VMC has been the best part of my life, i not only did achieve my goal but i learned the most special and important things of my life..I can just say that VMC was just like a second home to me..


Reg-P 2008
Jee rank-764