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Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world”
… –Louis Pasteur

The world of Science is vast and transcendental…It’s universal irrespective of the boundaries of time and Nation. It leaves little or nothing for one to introspect the contribution of science in our daily lives and for mankind in general. This “blessing” has indeed made our survival “the fittest” and hence scientific knowledge and education is utmost for the society to grow and develop. From the food we eat, to our shelters, transportation , life-saving drugs, clothes to protect us, and even those apps for our leisurely activities are all and undoubtedly the contributions of Modern Science. Science is nothing, but a systematic way of knowledge and living. Man’s curious nature, introspection, keen observations and alertness towards nature and natural happenings for generations have given birth to Science and Scientific Study. Therefore, Science is of great value to the society for it’s application in the latter to flourish and make all a better living.

India, the largest democracy of the world , has illuminatory signs of scientific knowledge , since time immemorial…Illustrations of such can be traced way back to the researches of Charaka, Susruta, Aryabhatta, Brahmgupta, Bhaskaracharya, Varahamihira : to name just a few.. The Medieval period of Indian society, though lacked the progress of science further, culminating in the “Purdah” system or rigid superstitions, scientific researches made a way through again in the 20th century with the hands of celebrated scientists like J.C Bose, Satyaendranath Bose, Meghnad Saha , H.J Bhabha, Prafulla Chandra Ray and this progress continued further with C.V Raman and later with Dr Kalam…This history of scientific study in India shows the interest of some geniuses towards the application of scientific knowledge for an overall development of Indian society. With her varied demography and cultural base, need of scientific education in India is very crucial for an enlightenment of the mass… Let us now, delineate the reasons behind the Importance of Scientific Education In India, with special reference to Technical education and Technical knowhow:

India is predominantly an agricultural country and most of her “people” are occupied in the agricultural sector. Hence, a good and proper scientific knowledge is essential to make agricultural space a better one, scientific expertise in agricultural science, pisciculture, crop rotation, organic farming, aviculture and use of fertilizers and insecticides for healthier, greener crops to shine in the vast farms.. Therefore imparting a proper knowledge of the cultivation and Plant life to the younger generations are pivotal for the coming years of golden reaps.

India is a rising power and she is slowly growing to be a big industrial giant.. But how can we imagine industrial growth without a proper scientific and technical knowledge? Hence, scientific education and technical expertise is necessary to make our country stand amongst the big industrial giants, to make our energy sectors run smoothly, to make those wheels always on the run, to facilitate transportation through wide highways and bridges and so on and so forth….The crux is without science education in India, education in India would be a big gap!

Almost half of our country’s population live in either rural or semi-rural areas and they tremendously lack proper hygiene in their daily lifestyles. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to make them learn the scientific ways for a healthy living and hygiene, importance of nutritious food and a proper diet. Imparting of science education and it’s applied methods among the school children would lead to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy outlook towards their own bodies and their surrounding environments and a better hygiene for all.


Our society is devastated with obsolete customs and norms.. A huge population still lurk under the dark , rigid rules and norms. From believing in spirits, to the obsolete customs associated with curable diseases, to the burning of girl child as witches to the unscientific norms accompanying menstruation, to the rigid morals associated with eclipses and tides… the examples are plethora. Hence, there is no way, but an accurate scientific education and knowledge in India for eradicating such and for an overall progress of society.

There’s a saying that “Doctors are life-keepers” and why not? They give us new lives sometimes and make us smile….But our country, unfortunately lacks “these friends” and it often happens that, we have to purchase or import life saving drugs or health machineries from other nations or have to travel other countries for the treatment and cure…Further, most of the time awareness for a certain disease is not there, resulting into untimely death. This is a grave problem for a developing country like India.. Hence, India needs more and more medical colleges, provisions for better scientific researches and imparting of scientific awareness and knowledge to the grassroot level.


It has been mentioned earlier too , that India is slowly rising to be an Industrial giant and in this globalised competitive age of rat race, technology is our “other partner” ! Yes, from online education to facilitate smoothly, to that late night transportation in cabs, to the timely delivery of your essentials, to communicating with your dear ones at midnight: all are the boons of technical knowhow and development…. Therefore, India needs more and better provisions for technical knowledge to prosper, making the students learn better applications of computers and coding and better technical expertise for applications and execution of such…Proper theoretical knowledge and strong fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematica at the Senior Secondary levels, would help younger minds develop better curiosity, practical applications and intriguing knowledge to make our society prosper further…And as Online Education is the “,New It”, technical expertise is pivotal to make education and learning unhindered , ongoing and relentless”!

Modern Science is one of the greatest boon to mankind and so, we should try to utilize it’s applications to bring peace and development for all…The theme for this year’s World Science Day For Peace And Development is “Society Dealing With Covid”…The Pandemic of Covid 19 has altered and faltered our existence, hence it will be our united effort and zest to beat the former with proper awareness and knowledge and to cooperate with those dealing with the same at the forefront…Remember Only through our united efforts and proper scientific awareness, that we can again bring smile and peace to our society

Thus, it’s clear to us now how Science and Scientific Education can make our country and society a better place for all….But we should always keep in mind that, the blessings of science should be use only for the greater benefits of mankind and not otherwise .On this World Science Day, let us pledge for the developments of science for peace of all…Let the advancements of Science bring peace and prosperity for one and all!


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