JEE Advanced 2022 is just a month away! Know the Perfect Strategy to Ace It.

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It goes without saying that JEE Advanced is one of the most prestigious and sought-after exams in the world. Since students work extremely hard to get into their ideal college and study in their preferred branch, obtaining a Top rank in this exam is a dream cultivated by thousands of hopefuls. While countless students spend hours doing practice papers in order to prepare for this exam, those who have a clear roadmap, planning, vision and technique are more likely to succeed.

This year the JEE Advanced is slated to take place on Sunday 28th August 2022 and every JEE Advanced aspirant is completely immersed in trying to unlock the key to success in this coveted exam. With close to a month remaining for it to be conducted, its imperative that students should learn & internalize the “Perfect Strategy” to perform at their best and secure the maximum marks on the D Day.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the perfect strategy to ace JEE Advanced 2022.

·   Attempt & solve previous year’s papers – Solving previous years papers of JEE Advanced would definitely give you an idea about the pattern & difficulty level of the paper and would also give you a glimpse into the structure of the question papers. Hence, it’s a must for every JEE Advanced aspirant to get hold of previous 3 to 4 year’s papers and get down to solving it. The students will gain a thorough understanding of the exam and any potential trouble areas, which will enable them to approach the upcoming questions with ease. Additionally, completing prior papers will assist students improve their accuracy and speed, which will be crucial for them on the day of the JEE.

·  Create a Timetable & adhere to it strictly – With only a month left, it is crucial that you develop a well-planned schedule in which you give each subject the same amount of time, interspersed with appropriate breaks. Avoid being overly enthusiastic because you run the risk of burning out. Try to get up early in the morning so that you may begin answering questions and carefully reviewing the syllabus with a fresh mind and body.

·  Manage Time effectively – Students should make the most of their time and use it wisely. The JEE Advanced exam consists of two three-hour papers, thus students should plan accordingly. They should learn the skill of effective time management and be able to answer each and every question at least once in the allotted amount of time.

·Take ample Sleep & consistent breaks – Your mind and body require rest and sleep in order to function effectively and at maximum productivity. You are mistaken if you believe that putting in extensive study sessions will boost your chances of success. You risk being mentally and physically exhausted if you don’t give your mind a break and get enough sleep. Therefore, it is advised that you take little rests frequently. Try to choose a leisure activity, listen to music, or even go for a walk if you are feeling worn out. The idea is that you should stick to your plan with discipline. Keep in mind that the JEE Advanced exam seeks to determine your aptitude for 360-degree thinking, therefore you should allow your mind to function to its fullest potential.

· Develop speed but accuracy is the key – Losing even one mark in a test of this importance can lower your ranking by hundreds & thousands. Always keep in mind that accuracy and precision are essential for success in this exam. In order to solve questions quickly and accurately, you should practice as often as you can. Accuracy will also help you earn higher marks. You should plan to tackle the simpler, easier questions first before moving on to the more challenging ones. You must learn to make the most of the limited time because you are constrained by it.

· Study from Top class & highly researched study material – cracking the JEE Advanced exam requires one to study from top notch preparatory material which will give deep insights into the basic concepts & fundamentals.

·        Take utmost care of Health – As the old adage goes – Health is Wealth fits perfectly in this case. To give your best in the exam you need to be in top physical & mental health. You are what you eat so switch to consuming healthy food. Discard all the junk food. Eat rainbow vegetables which has all the necessary nutrients quintessential for giving nutrition and energy to the mind & body. Get down to doing Yoga or any form of exercise. All this will keep your immunity strong and will protect you from falling sick before the exam.

The JEE Advanced is a Test of National importance aimed at evaluating one’s knowledge of fundamentals, IQ, thinking ability as well as the spirit of a student to give his / her best.  With the right intent, planning & determination a student can definitely realize his / her dream of securing a Top Rank in JEE Advanced. However, to secure a Top Rank one needs the guidance of a real mentor who has an unwavering legacy of producing brilliant results year on year. Vidyamandir Classes is one such illustrious name in the JEE landscape in the Country.

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Conclusion: The idea behind presenting this blog is to give an insight to those students who are aspiring for JEE Advanced 2022 and to enlighten them about the ideal way to prepare for it in just a month’s time. To achieve the best, the students have to be with the best and hence they should join the most reputed name in the JEE landscape which is Vidyamandir Classes VMC and its iconic Rank Booster Program which has the ability to improve their JEE Advanced 2022 All India Rank by a huge margin. 

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