JEE ADVANCED – 3 | 12th PASS 2019

SCHEDULE: Sunday, 10th February 2019

Offline: Paper 1: 10 am to 1 pm | Paper 2: 2 pm to 5 pm

Online: 10:30 am to 11:55 pm



Physics: Vectors, Kinematics, Motion in 2-D, Dynamics, Energy and Momentum, Rotation, Liquids, Properties of Matter, Gaseous State & Thermodynamics, SHM, Electrostatics, Gravitation, DC Circuits, Capacitors, Magnetism, EMI, AC Circuits, Waves, Light – 1 & 2, Interference, Modern Physics, Errors & Experiments

Chemistry: Stoichiometry – 1, Atomic Structure, Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding – 1 & 2, States of Matter, Hydrogen, s-Block Elements, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, p-Block Elements, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamics, Stoichiometry-II, IOC, Hydrocarbon, Organic Halides, Organic Concepts, Environmental Chemistry, Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds-I, Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds-II, Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds-III, Nitrogen Containing Organic Compounds, Polymers, Biomolecules, Amino Acids

Maths: Sequence & Series, Trigonometry, Quadratic Equation, Complex Numbers, Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, DC-1, DC-2, IC-1, IC-2, Differential Equation, Straight Lines, Circles, Conic Sections, Permutation and Combination, Vectors, 3-D Geometry


VENUE: M M Public School