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With infinite dreams in heart and excitement in blood, millions of young minds commence their journey to become engineers and doctors craving to get into college of their choice. But much to our displeasure, life never goes as planned, it’s as uncertain as the next JEE exam we are about to give. However, no matter how much oblivious we are to the questions we’ll be thrown at, we can always be well-prepared to fight a fierce battle and let exams and life call it shots; with the hope that the victory will forever be ours!
Exam is synonymous to stress and fear; JEE , being amongst the toughest exams in India is no exception. With the years unfolding and competition getting tougher, adopting right steps at the right time will not only enhance you to perform your best but it will undoubtedly act as a cherry to the cake.
JEE advanced 2021 to be conducted on 3rd July 2021 for the students who will be declared qualified from four sessions of JEE main conducted in February march April & May 2021 and students should have scored a minimum of 75% marks in class 12th board examination.
JEE preparation in today’s time is no less than any tough & long run challenge for the students. The students must go through a lot of preparation which usually starts after class 9th and goes on till the time they appear for the actual test of their life which is JEE main exams.
Speed, consistency, and discipline thus become the most important attributes one must develop and improve during this crucial phase. Self-study is as important as classroom teaching and an average of at least 5 to 6 hours everyday is the only key to success. Another mistake most of the students commit, as per our observation, is that the students usually do not ask or clarify their doubts after self-study resulting in many problems in their preparation.
To make life easy for the students, here is a list of dos & don’ts for the students:

• A regular 5 to 6 hrs study per day
• Clear your doubts on a regular basis
• Prefer solving questions on a paper with pen
• Check the syllabus from JEE website and study only relevant things
• Give regular mock tests to check your speed and accuracy
• Do detailed test analysis after every test

• Never pile up your doubts
• Do not refer irrelevant books by getting fascinated from your peer group
• Do not devote too much time on a single topic
• Never give test without a time limit
• Do not watch too much of TV or internet
These basic points are to be remembered and followed rigorously and honestly to succeed in the exam.
One month to Exam
During this time, students should examine and analyze their common mistakes and work upon them in order to make a stronger case for JEE exams. They should devote more time and energy to subjects or topics in which they are weak. They should also memorize the formulas, method of calculations and test their speed in order to prepare themselves for the exams.

The IIT JEE exam is likely to be stressful. The students are expected to appear for around three hours papers back to back. To prepare for such a situation, students must create an exam-like atmosphere by taking mock tests by timing themselves as per the real exams. Students must go through last few years’ question papers and feel confident by solving them more than once before they appear for the main exams.
Students should not try solving a whole lot of problems at this stage & altogether avoid complicated problems. Relaxing, having a good sleep, eating healthy, etc. are also very important. It is pertinent that students estimate the time taken by them to solve the questions so that they can determine the number of questions they can easily solve during the duration of the exam. This important step will help them shape a strategy for taking the test. They should look to improve upon the question selection and prioritization for the same. Again solving mocks would be the most efficient tool.

Important topics:
Maths :
• Complex Number
• Conic Section
• Circle
• Calculus
• Vector & 3 D
• Probability
• Trigonometric Equation
• Properties of Triangles
• Quadratic Equation
• Sequence and Series
• Permutations and combination
• Chemical bonding
• Electrochemistry
• Coordination compound
• Salt analysis
• Ionic equilibrium
• Thermodynamics & thermochemistry
• Aldehydes and ketones
• Aromatic hydrocarbons
• GOC isomerism
• Liquid solutions
• Alkyl halides and aryl halides
• Rotational Motion
• Thermodynamics (Thermal Physics)
• Electrostatics
• Optics
• Modern Physics

With competitions rising and rising across the Nation, the path towards achieving success is no doubt getting harder…However, true to the “struggle for existence” theory, one has to prepare himself for the fierce struggle in order to bear golden reaps in the future. Thus always keep in mind that, “perseverance is the key to success” and that with hard work, sweat and determination all your dreams will turn into reality…So get, set and push it!

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