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“Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.”
– Chantal Sutherland

As the days for the JEE Main 2021 draws closer, the preparation level surges. Aspirants appearing in the exam goes through plethora of mixed feelings including anxiety, pressure, exhilaration, nervousness and what not. In the midst of these sentiments, what’s important is to stay ashore. It’s vital to maintain poise and calm in order to put best leg foremost. Henceforth, it becomes all the more essential to know the eleventh hour tips for the national level engineering exam, which will not only help in preserving the much needed tranquil but will also aid in sailing through the exam with overwhelming victory.
Quit often, the difference between getting and not getting your desired result is the attention paid to the little things that contribute in there. Therefore, some of significant last minute tips for JEE Main, which you can follow are:

Emphasis on your strengths: Don’t start anything new. Try and work on building your strengths. Make the strong points and topics of JEE Main 2021 more robust such that you don’t hop any question related to those topics. Polish and refine those topics that you are good at and know well as compared to the others.

• Stay confident: Have faith in yourself and trust in your preparation. Don’t let the doubts creep in. Make yourself free from low self-confidence, just do your best. The last couple of days are critical but it is essential to keep cool and avoid stressing. Tune yourself to keep mentally strong and you will see that nothing and no one can defeat you in your walk to success.

Study the important formulae: Refer to the short notes to revise the important points as well as the formulae. It is important to use the short notes which will save time and will create a room to skim through the most important points for each topic. Furthermore, check the topics which are measured to have more weightage as per the last years’ JEE Main question papers.

• Take regular breaks: Taking a small break of 5-10 minutes after an hour of study is very important in order to relax your mind. It decreases exhaustion, and helps in improving the concentration. Also, taking brief intervals breaks the dullness and rejuvenates you enough to start studying again with an amplified energy level.

Adequate sleep is necessary: Make sure that you get the right amount of sleep before the exam. Depriving oneself of sleep will result in fatigue and high stress level with a drop in concentration level.

• Eat healthy: Eating healthy is quite central as you don’t want to end feeling unwell on what appears to be a very important day for your future. Therefore, say no to Junk food, eat healthy and stay fit.

Enhance your concentration: Boosting your concentration level is an essential thing to do. It will aid you in focusing during long study hours. So, the activities like meditation and yoga will rejuvenate mind whilst keeping the body fit.

Complete and focus on the important topics: JEE specific topics like forced & damped oscillations, Carnot cycle & engine, Classical magnetism, EM waves, Optical instruments, Diffraction, Polarisation, Communication systems, Semiconductor devices, Chemistry in everyday life, Environmental chemistry, Statistics, Mathematical reasoning are imperative and often taken for granted. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly go through them. Also, it’s necessary to study inorganic chemistry and qualitative analysis meticulously.
Remember, “Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” You are just one step away from seeing your dream in front of you. All you got to do is keep your head held high with confidence, your heart brimmed with dreams and just give your best.

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