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Is there really any mantra that can aid in better scores in the board examinations?
Are there any exercises for the same? 
And the most relevant question…is there a shortcut to scoring high in boards?

Board exams or any other exams can be a cakewalk. The only thing, apart from studies, is your mindset. Everything depends upon the way you process. If your emotional & mental abilities are aligned, there will be no dearth of academic prowess. 

That may sound strange to many but if you took a deeper look into it you will see an undeniable relevance. If one gets in touch with their mindfulness, any journey in life will be fulfilling. These are some of the habits that not everyone understands the relevance of. 

To be in touch with your inner self is oftentimes the answer to all of the doubts that you ever had. It is nothing out of the box, and nor does it involve any rocket science. All it takes is the willingness to open up & absorb.


But of course you cannot leave everything on the watchfulness of the mind. Because it is all interconnected you have to first get your preparations on point. Let me take a very small example here.

Let us say that XYZ wants to reduce his/her body weight. Now being mindful of the habits is imperative but action is what will yield results. If there is no action, then there will not be a reaction either. 

Similarly, if your preparation for the board exams has been planned out appropriately, a timetable has been followed, and at the same time you are watchful of your habits, you are sure to succeed. A fine balance needs to be maintained. It is a thin line that needs to be handled with compassion & precision. 

If you are unable to retain a particular chapter of a subject, change the plan for it. You may not have understood the basics & that is why it is not able to stay in your mind.


And keep doing that till the time it gets embedded in your brain. But mind you, the students who spend hours mugging up, need to understand that they are on the wrong track! And ‘failure’ is the end result…

Practice makes a man perfect & the more you practice the better it will be.

If you are taking classes at a coaching center, make sure you get ample revision days for every subject. Or if you prefer personal home tuitions, make a rigorous pattern to acquire the skills. 

The NCERT pattern is a well-formulated one. Keep your focus on these books & enjoy the fruits tomorrow. 

There may be things, situations, or people who would aid in distracting you. How do you handle such situations?

And the bigger question arises here is that how balanced are you to not get affected by such elements. We have siblings, friends, etc that are simply unavoidable but they can prove to be disastrous if not handled carefully & at the right time. At this point, you have to bring your guards up & even be blunt with your words along with actions if the need arises.

After all, these are those exams that will create your future. Learn to say NO when it is the only resort available. You cannot be that person who likes to keep everyone happy at all times. You will have enough time in the future but for now, your focus cannot shift from your studies.

Wish you all the luck & hope all of your dreams come true!!!

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