NEET 2019 – Getting Prepared

All of us are aware of the fact that course material for exams is a lot more as compared to what we are asked in the exam. The study material is patterned in such a way that it caters to the twin purpose of being a reference material as well as nutrition to build a good career. The reason for pushing across the importance of study material is that all the topics that are likely to feature in the exam are covered without leaving any portion. These comprise; lesson summary reviews, multiple-answer questions and descriptive answers.

As NEET comes closer, the study fever spreads across like wildfire. Television and chats are shut down. The aspirants get focused on academics and have a lot to do. All that they have on their minds is books, guides, notes, reference study material, lengthy hours of study, formulae and the likes. Late nights still happen but their definition changes to sitting under the table lamp and studying from the usual movie, parties and fun.

With the competitive stakes growing higher and higher every year, it is essential to have a good plan and thought process for preparing for NEET Exam that is a doorway to get admission into the best medical colleges of India. If preparations have not been up to the mark, one needs to do a lot to strategize on ways to crack the NEET 2019 Exam.

  1. Have a realistic schedule in place

A large number of aspirants who were great students somehow did not make it past the exams. The most important cause of this was that they had no well-planned strategy for NEET. If there is no proper time-management, it is not possible to get through. Having prepared a proper timetable is the ideal way to gear up for NEET. Adhering to a proper schedule helps maintain a proper concentration towards the target.

It is a good idea to slot the syllabus into smaller time-defined portions so that every portion has a definite time limit and it can be finished in that time. Consequently, the whole syllabus can be completed. The slots may be timed on the basis of the individual’s capacity and the manner in which it can be matched to make a practical preparation possible for NEET.

  1. Make it happen daily

It is a good idea to study, however, repetitive practice improves what you have studied. It is important to blend studying with practice so that one knows how much has been done and how much remains to be done. In this regard, the line of action should be taking on the earlier NEET Question Papers as a day-to-day schedule. This offers an insight into better ways of readying oneself for NEET 2019.

  1. Tune yourself to the updated syllabus

The line of preparation makes all the difference. It should be in line with the recent NEET Syllabus instead of going too much into the past papers. Do your best within the guidelines of the syllabus. The best part is the similarity of the study matter for NEET as well as the Board exams. A balance needs to be struck so that once the board exam topics are covered, the individual can move on to those of the NEET. When preparing for the board exams, part of the NEET syllabus is already covered.

  1. Refer Good Study Material

Course material and books are the best friends for any exam. Aspects like the kind of questions, the answers, pattern, etc., have to be at the centre of focus at the time of shopping for beneficial NEET exam study material. Peers and instructors can provide ample guidance to this.

This syllabus of this exam depends extensively on the NCERT course. The boards have changed their questions to be in accordance to NCERT for a number of years. Therefore, NCERT books should be considered a priority whilst preparing for the NEET Exam.

  1. Practice with Mock Tests

In the case of Medical Entrance Exam, the challenge within a bigger challenge is the shortage of time. It is extremely difficult to answer 180 questions in just 180 minutes, though not impossible. Regular practice of mock tests works very well to boost your sense of belief and plays an important role in short-listing the most suitable strategy that can lead to good scoring in the NEET Result.

  1. Revise on Short Notes

Just as hints lead to the right answers, short notes stimulate one to recollect the longer ones. In addition to supporting time management, short notes are a great and simple way to prepare for NEET. Once you have thoroughly studied the long subject matter, you may make shorter notes of the content so that just by a glance, you can expand on the topic. Short-notes are a wonderful way to memorize the topics when there is sparingly short time, close to the exam.

  1. Study like an Optimist

Being optimistic and looking forward to your NEET exam works as a catalyst in your preparation. A careful and positive attitude is like a fuel for success. Being mentally constructive helps your mind to work to win.

  1. Healthy and Wise

A healthy body houses a healthy mind and a healthy mind is full of knowledge. Despite the hectic NEET preparation schedule, it is vital that you eat a healthy diet and get the right amount of sleep to keep your mind razor sharp and active. Fast food or junk food is strictly advised against. To add on to the preparation, short walks or a little bit of exercise can help a great deal


To sum it up, maximize your chances with minimum stress and maximum preparation.