DCE Entrance exam: Last minute tips

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JEE and AIEEE are over now but you still have an important exam left in the pipeline. The journey till now must have been full of hard work.

But you must not stop here……………. as no one knows at this stage what can be a better option for you later on. At the end of day, if you have lots of good options available (i.e. either a good branch or a good institute), it is easier for you to take the right decision. Continue reading “DCE Entrance exam: Last minute tips”

AIEEE 2009 exam analysis

This year AIEEE 2009 exam was held on 26th April, 2008 between 9.30 am and 12.30 PM. Around 10 Lakhs students appeared for the exam as compared to around 8 lakhs in AIEEE 2008.
Following are new introductions in AIEEE 2009 as compared to AIEEE 2008 exam.
There were 30 questions in each subject as compared to 35 in 2008. So total number of questions was 90 as compared to 105 in 2008.

This year there was 1/4 negative marking as compared to 1/3 in 2008. It means people would score more marks. Really?

Each question was of 4 marks as compared to 3 marks in 2008. So total maximum marks were 432 as compared to 315 in 2008.

Difficulty Level

Mathematics was definitely difficult as …………….

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What rank can I expect in AIEEE 2009 result?

This year AIEEE 2009 exam was held on 26th April, 2008 between 9.30 am and 12.30 PM. Around 10 lakh people appeared for this exam as compared to around 8 lakh in AIEEE 2008.
How to use this data?
Go through the solutions provided by VMC team with the help of 100percentile team at 100percentile website. See how much marks you are getting by comparing your answers and refer the following table to know what rank you can expect in AIEEE 2008 result.

Note: This is just a speculation based on expert judgment. So it will give you a rough idea. There is no authenticity of this data.

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AIEEE Test Paper & Solutions to be available on 26th April’09

Hi Students,

AIEEE 2009 Exam will be held on 26th April. It means just one day and few hours left to finish your preparations.

‘Vidyamandir Classes’ wishes all the AIEEE 2009 test takers – “Best of Luck”. 

Do not forget to join us on www.vidyamandir.com on 26th April (12.30 pm onwards) after the AIEEE for a through analysis of the Paper, Solutions and Experts opinions.

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