Top Ranks at IITJEE 2008

Following is the list of top ranks of VMC students.


Rank Holders Rank Course
B. SHRIRAM 19 Regular Classroom
JATIN BATRA 30 Regular Classroom
SAHIL AGGARWAL 34 Correspondence
ANKUR DAHIYA 56 Regular Classroom
ASHWIN VENKATARAMAN 68 Regular Classroom
SRIJAN SANKET 80 Regular Classroom
ANUBHAV JAIN 105 Correspondence
SAMBHAV JAIN 129 Regular Classroom
VARUN MALHOTRA 149 Regular Classroom
HIMANSHU GUPTA 159 Regular Classroom
ROHIT TANEJA 161 Regular Classroom
MRIDU ATRAY 175 Regular Classroom
ABHISHEK JAIN 195 Regular Classroom



Counseling for IITJEE 2008 rank holders


Since the inception of Vidyamandir Classes, we have been holding counseling sessions for our students so that they decide which branch to choose at various engineering colleges. Please follow the given schedule if you wish to attend these sessions. These sessions will be held at Vidyamandir Classes (12/37, Punjabi Bagh West, New Delhi).



For AIEEE and DCE and other Engineering colleges, we will have counseling session after the declaration of results (after 10th of June). Please do inform us about your results at various exams regularly (whatever your ranks may be). For this please visit our website: or


Wishing you all the best for DCE entrance examination !



IITJEE Simplified : Study Tip 3 – What is the best way to study Mathematics?

Once open a time a lady wanted to hire a cook for her restaurant. She interviewed many candidates and finally she selected the one who impressed her in the interview. Lady was very impressed with his knowledge of cooking. He was like a cooking encyclopedia.

On his first day of the job, lady thought of taking his trial. She asked him to cook "Kadai Chicken ". She started eagerly waiting for the food. Food was served and she had her first bite. It was pathetic in taste. She could not sallow even a single bit of it. Lady was shocked and asked man "It is so horrible in taste. Are you sure you can cook food" Man replied, "Madam, sorry for the food. Actually I have never done cooking before. I just had taken lessons on cooking from experts and during my training classes, I saw instructor cooking. Also I have read and learnt all the recipes of making excellent food."

Moral of the story is, there is difference in knowing how to do things and actually being able to do things. By merely just knowing how to do things does not make you expert on actually doing it yourself.

Learning Mathematic is like learning art of solving problems (actually doing) and not just knowing formulae and concepts (acquiring knowledge). So if you want to improve your mathematics, you need to focus on more and more problem solving instead of just reading theory, formulae and solution .

Following are some instructions/tips that would definitely help you learn mathematics better:

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IITJEE Simplified : Study Tip 1 – How much should I study?

Recently I started a series of articles, "IITJEE Simplified : Study Tips" to help students who are new to IITJEE preparation or are still confused about the study approach they should follow.

In almost every class I talk about the correct study methodologies one should follow. But I also want to help those who are not attending my classes. Those who are studying in extended classroom course or have joined correspondence course can read my thoughts about the right study approach through this series of articles.

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