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Jailor, Hitler, Don…!!!

School life is the best period of our lives. We understand its importance when we get out of it! This is a normal phenomenon. We value something only after it has gone away from us. 

Particularly it is the most precious time of our lives, we learn, we play & we are able to tap on our potential. It is a time of exploration & getting an insight into what our future could possibly hold. Life-long friendships & bonds often emerge during the school years. 

We tease our teachers & principals with many funny names. Not that it is something bad, but at that time we are all naive & feel that whosoever tries to dictate sense into us, are our enemies! We oftentimes put our parents in that bracket too!! 

We have all done that during some part or the other, of our lives. The intention here is not to let the readers feel guilty or sad about their actions, because it is all a part of growing up. 

‘Hitler, Don, Jailor, etc…I am sure most of you will be able to identify with these taglines that are some of the most common ones!!! No matter how nice a school principal may be, it has been the tendency of students, to find faults in them! If we took a closer look only then will we be able to understand the burden that rests upon the principals? The responsibility for the well-being of not just hundreds of students, but also the faculty members, the name of the school, etc, is on the shoulders of the one person we call ‘principal’. 

The amount of pressure that he/she would be in at all times is hard to fathom. But nevertheless, we as students will display our affections in our own unique ways!

Let us take a moment and thank the principals who, along with the rest of the team, help in bringing out the best versions of us. We may not realize it, but trust me, these are those people who invest their everything into uplifting us on almost all levels. It is not just the academics that are honed, but the incredible human beings that we emerge as!

With all the humbleness, we thank our principals from the bottom of our hearts. And despite the fact that 1st May is observed as Principals Day, every single day is actually a reflection of their perception of our personality.

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