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We are going through the toughest phase of human existence. The pandemic named as COVID-19 has nearly put our lives to a standstill. In this crisis phase , the medical personnel have appeared as our saviours! Not only for now , but in the past and for the future till the world draws to an end , our doctors and medical friends had , have and would continue to be our ‘life-givers’ and ‘healers’. Hence , this aptly justifies the need for more and more medical personnel , the doctors , specially in a developing country like India. This demand in turn has increased more and more of young generation to apply for medical courses and for years, this craze has always been on the rise. However , the path to getting admission in medical isn’t that easy. One has to clear NEET, the first and foremost obstacle for fulfilling such dream. Hence, today we bring you some common Questions and concerns you have for NEET. These are all addressed by Mr Saurabh Kumar, Director Academics VMC.

  1. How important is NEET examination for entering into the Medical world?
  • NEET examination is the most important requisite for the students entering into the medical world. Entrance exam is a key checkpoint for students entering into a particular field. NEET exam is typically based on speed and time. Fast decisions are to be taken to answer the questions which is quite similar to the real world, wherein doctors have to take fast decisions considering it’s the matter of life and death for the patients. NEET is critically designed to take the right approach for the doctors.

2. What is the future of medical and surgical fields in India?

  • India needs quite a lot of medical professionals, typically general practitioners. There’s a paucity of doctors available in India. Even top practitioners comprehend that India require more general physicians as compared to the doctors specialised in a particular field.

3. What is the correct approach of preparation for different medical entrance examinations?

  • The correct approach of preparation for NEET or any other medical entrance exam is: Firstly, to focus on the basic concepts. Thoroughly read the NCERT books of physics, chemistry and biology. Secondly, maintain a good balance between speed and time as you have to answer 180 questions in 180 seconds. Thirdly, you should have a fast thinking capability. Fourthly, you should omit making mistakes. Give a lot of mock tests. Analyse your mistakes and try to improve upon them.

4. How coaching class helps in achieving goals?

  • Coaching class helps in clearing your basic concepts. It makes you understand the pattern of the questions in exams.
    It also aids you in increasing your accuracy while following the same type of test as that of NEET or any other entrance exams. Coaching classes also enables you to analyse your tests whilst encouraging you to work on your weaknesses. It prepares you for the tough terrain by giving you the right content required in the entrance exams.

At VMC, we try to make students enjoy the preparations rather than making it feel like burden. You should never loose track of your goal and have a determined state of mind. Remember “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. …”

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