Hard Work-: A vector quantity

First thing that comes to my mind when i think about preparing for IIT through Vidyamandir Classes is that -: "Hard work is a vector quantity." What i mean by this is that not only magnitude of hard work is important but also its direction. If I only put the magnitude to a vector and not the direction then the vector becomes meaningless and same is the case with hard work. It is of no use if you just keep on slogging and working hard if you are not putting your efforts in the right direction and this is precisely what vidyamandir does. It not only makes a student to go in the right direction but also stop the ones who are going in the wrong direction.

Now when i look back at these two years i can say that it has been quiet a wonderful journey..I have grown quiet a lot in terms of maturity, coolness of mind and way to handle things..I have changed and changed for better. I can now tackle tough things without panicking which i completely lacked two years back, i have more self-belief and self-confidence in me than i had two years back. So all in all i have not only made professional progress but also personal progress.

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