What rank I can expect in IITJEE 2010 result?

This post will help you know what rank you can expect on 26th May when JEE result would be declared.

To speculate your rank it is important that you remember your attempts in exam and you have gone through solutions and answer keys available at various sites. You can download detailed solutions from 100percentile or Vidyamandir website.

While calculating your marks it is advised to you that you should not include partial marks and also don’t include those for which you are not sure what you marked in the exam.

 Based on our experience………………………..

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IITJEE 2010 paper Analysis

Yesterday on 11th April, 2010, around 4.5 lakh students appeared for IITJEE 2010 entrance exam all over the nation. There were some major changes in the pattern of the examination.

Change in Pattern

Change of pattern of exam is very important to select the good talent. The change in pattern of the exam brings unpredictability and students who can think on the fly and has good IQ perform better as compared to those who slog a lot.

In last few years equal weightages were given to paper-1 and paper-2 but this year the trend has been broken. Paper-1 was for 252 marks where as paper-2 was only 237 marks with physics, chemistry and mathematics combined together. Also in paper-1 there was more number of questions………………

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It’s time to move on. . . . . .

Video (Do best for AIEEE by Manmohan Gupta, Vidyamandir Classes)

Dear Students

We hope you have done well in your IIT JEE 2010 examination, the paper was tough compared to last year and therefore a lot of students may be worrying in terms of their performance and anxious about the outcome. The Paper as we
mentioned was tough, we will be educating you shortly about the expected cutoffs and related counseling.

Importantly we want to advise our students and their parents alike that it’s time to move on , do not waste any further time in retrospection how well or how bad you attempted you IIT JEE 2010 examination. The over analysis and
thinking about how your IITJEE attempt was will only hamper your preparation for the other important milestone for your Career planning i.e., taking the AIEEE 2010 examination on 25th April. The examination is just few days away
and its time that you start devoting all your energies towards this.

It is better to secure a rank among top 1000 in AIEEE than securing a rank of 5000 or below in IIT JEE, you will get better choice of branches and good colleges which in the end will benefit you in your engineering career ahead.

To get the maximum out of your last 10 Days preparation for AIEEE we recommend that you solve past 10 years papers religiously, besides revising your concepts. Analyze each paper after solving to recognize your strong and
weak areas and plan your AIEEE paper strategy accordingly.

For Parents

It is our suggestion to the parents also to ensure that the child is motivated to put his best foot forward in next few days so that he can perform well in AIEEE and now there is no need to worry about your IIT JEE
attempt. It’s time to move forward as these next few days are crucial in your child’s future career prospects.

These are our recommendations to all our student, please follow these, in this way only you can draw maximum benefits in next 10 days of your preparations and achieve the academic success you are aiming for.

Wishing you good luck and all the best in your future endeavors.

Vidyamandir Team

IITJEE 2010: Solutions and Analysis now available

Dear students

As always, Vidyamandir classes and 100Percentile are the first ones to come up with the Solutions and Analysis to IITJEE paper.

You can view Solutions and Analysis to IITJEE 2010 papers by clicking on the following link:

Click here to view detailed Solutions and Analysis of IITJEE 2010 paper

Link to download PDF files is given below:

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 Paper 1          Download
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Vidyamandir and 100Percentile Team