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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest “
: Benjamin Franklin

Education is the only means which can lift the society from sheer darkness to rays of hope and prosperity. Hence we all put in our best efforts in availing the best learning and education. True to this quotation, an investment in education would never count loss, instead it would make one gainer and profitable , leading to the enrichment of knowledge. However, in a developing country like India, where poverty is still a problem and affluency is a far-sighted cry for many, investment for good education can’t be afforded by many. Therefore scholarships are given by various educational institutions, to reduce the number of droppers and provide encouragement to the best students for pursuing their studies. Scholarship facilities provide access to each and every deserving student for availing the best learning and education. Scholarships are not only provided by the formal institutions like schools and colleges, but also various well known Coaching institutes, for greater motivation and inspiration.

Coaching institutes, as we all know have become a trend setter in educational industry. They provide the extra guidance and makes one ready for various entrance examinations. Hence, parents and students flock to them to get the best guidance for the future… But sometimes it may happen that a bright student can’t avail the hefty fees of the Coaching centre and hence can’t pursue his/ her learning there. To eradicate these kinds of unforeseen circumstances, the Coaching institutes offer scholarships for meritorious students, solely based on their performances in the entrance test that the former offers…. Undoubtedly, this is a welcoming change and effort on part of these, to make the process of education and learning unhindered, especially during this crisis period …Let us now delineate the benefits of such scholarships in Coaching classes:

• 1. Parents already have to pay heavy school fees every month , which can’t be avoided or reduced under some circumstances. Scholarships in Coaching institutes hence, help them ease their burden as, coaching fees is anyhow extra burden on them.

• 2. Students receiving scholarships means, that they are good and meritorious ones and will have best peer to compete with. They get quality and strong content. Also, these scholarships are usually given solely on the basis of a student’s performance.. Hence it already sets the path for a brighter future to them.

• 3. It gives some Sort of motivation and self esteem to the students getting scholarships. It makes them confident of their own capabilities and reduces the fear of dropping out or not availing the best guidance for future. Further, the provisions of such scholarships in Coaching institutes, negates the class consciousness and disparities, as well as provide the meritorious student the enthusiasm to compete with his peers at the best.

• 4. The Pandemic of Covid 19 has faltered and altered our existence to a lot. We are all going through one of the toughest phase , wherein financial crises have taken a major role. Hence , during covid times, it is like a big help for parents who are facing pay cuts or have been laid off, these scholarships have come as a boon for them and their children and they can be assured of continuing of the latter’s education.

Hence, it can be safely concluded that the provisions of these educational scholarships in Coaching institutes, exemplify the fact that the process of learning and education should go on despite hindrances. It gives us immense pleasure to mention that we at VMC, provides lucrative scholarships opportunities to the meritorious students, solely based on their performances in our entrance tests. [ For more details, pls visit : ]The main purpose behind imparting education and learning is ‘inclusion’ and not exclusion , for the greater benefit of society… And as the saying goes “Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity, it is about intentionally planning for the success of all students”. True to this, we sincerely believe that, education is the purview of all and hence the brightest one shouldn’t get missed out , for each student have something to contribute in the learning process , so that we are really better off “learning and growing together”.

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