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“When you have a dream that you can’t let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, they take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you’re willing to do that.”
-Harvey Mackay

Students come across a lot of educational challenges in their life. At one point or the other a good deal of young minds dream of getting into IIT, a dream only few are able to live. Considered as one of the toughest competitions, getting into IIT undeniably demand oodles of smart work, focus and persistence. So, always aim for heights but know that doors are still open even if you don’t get into IIT. However, you have to give your best shot and believe that you’ll make it.

Some of the greatest exclusive tips you can follow to convert your dream of IIT into reality are:
Have a plan and stick to it: The very first step to be successful at anything is to have focus. You should have a plan and a fixed routine, in which you have balance between everything, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. You should be meticulous, there are thousands of students preparing along with you, thus to ensure that you are a step ahead, you should be diligent and focused.

Work Hard and be Stress – Free: To grab that seat in IIT, apart from working hard you have to also maintain your poise and stay calm. This ensures greater probability of clearing the JEE with a top score. The key elements of success probably are hard work, confidence and preparation without any pressure.

Make a time table and distribute it equally to all subjects: Make a proper time table with equal distribution to all the subjects. A sensible and organized plan is the way to success.

Analyse and Work on Weak Areas: Analyse and improve on your weak areas. Never think about the marks and ranks but divert all your attention on the preparation. The marks and ranks follow according to the preparation.

Underline Important Points while Studying: Utilize your time properly and highlight important points while studying. Always try to maintain a healthy competition with your peers. Learn from them. Learn with them.

Don’t care about what others think: When every time someone tells you that you don’t have what it takes, you close your ears and walk away with your heads up high. Because, as long as you believe in yourself and your goals, it doesn’t matter what people think or say. Just keep moving. Stand up for yourself. You are the armor of your dreams, protect it until it’s achieved.

Be Brave: Don’t be afraid of failures. If you dreamt of getting into IIT, you’re accustomed to feel overwhelmed, and the feeling of not being able to do it will creep in every now and then. It’s in the moment like these that you’ve to gather your courage, build yourself up, look inside the warrior in you and keep going.

Let’s focus on some Do’s and Don’t s now:

Devote time in paper as follows: Chemistry 45 mins, Physics 60 mins & Maths 75 minutes for JEE.
• Read instructions carefully.
• Attempt easy questions first.
• Do not create ego problem with any question & waste time in it.
• Every question is of equal marks so attempt questions which you know or can do first.
• Use you have marked the right option in the answer space.
• In numerical type questions check your calculations again and again.

The motivation of life is not static but dynamic; it keeps on changing for every path you choose. For those of who are aspiring for IITs, there is no single path for your goals. There are several ways to climb the success ladder, which you should be able to decide. Remember college seats don’t decide your life. Getting an IIT degree is not essential to acquiring success. Not all IITians have contributed to inventions and discoveries, so it’s alright. Believe in yourself and your destiny, it has stored something better and best for you. Just know that, “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and the willingness to work hard for them.”

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