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There is no substitute for hard work isn’t it? And when specially your exams are knocking at your doors, the one and only option available is ‘to revise and revise’. Since the countdown has already begun for the most important Engineering entrance exam of 2021, the first attempt for Mains being in February, it’s nevertheless crucial now to leave no stones unturned for the acing of it. JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exam of the country and every year lakhs of students fight nearly neck to neck for cracking the same and get into their dream colleges. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation strategies and clear mind set in order for cracking zestfully the same.
Those who have given JEE main February session and answer keys have also been released. Now you have seen the mood of paper in 2021 which is no different from previous years, now all of us are looking at March attempt of JEE main which will start from 15th March and we need to freeze the strategy for the same as soon as possible.
First we have to see what we have learned from this attempt now we need to analyse that where we went wrong either in calculation mistakes or in concepts or in certain areas were not clear to us on which we need to work upon. we will decide our strategy basis the above analysis if we have went wrong in our calculations then we need to practice a lot of questions and ensure that we don’t do any calculation mistakes in coming days if we have missed out in concepts then we need to brush all our concepts and practice certain mocks based on these topics if we have been weak in certain chapters or topics specially the theoretical one which was dominant in jee main February session we need to study them and make sure that we do all questions right from theory in the March attempt.

On basis of February attempt we can revise the following topics properly without fail before March attempt.

Physics: Magnetism & matter, EM Waves, Diffraction & Polarisation, optical instruments, communication systems, semiconductor devices, rotation, thermodynamics, electrostatics in addition to the mainstream syllabus.

Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry especially each line of NCERT should be read and memorised with data, Name reactions, flame test & organic concepts in addition to the mainstream syllabus.

Maths: Differential equations, vectors & 3D, matrices & determinants, sequence & series, mathematical reasoning, application of derivatives, indefinite integral in addition to mainstream syllabus.

The time at hand should be used to go over your preparation. The most important factor is to focus on your strengths; revise your strong topics to avoid skipping on any question. Revision is an important tip that most of the candidates skip. It helps in keeping facts fresh when you appear in the exams. Hence, revise important pointers, topics, and formulae you have prepared, repeatedly. Do not waste time on mock tests or solving question papers now, as they consume a lot of time. It is also best to analyse your mistakes and focus on them to ensure that you don’t repeat the same in the actual exam.

Another tip is to manage your stress with regular 5-minute breaks to improve your concentration and energy to help you keep going in these last minutes before your exams. Remember to get a good night’s sleep before the day of exam.

One Week to Exam:

By this time, the students would have studied and revised everything and done a thorough analysis of their weakness and strengths by taking several mocks both topics wise as well as subject wise. This is not the time to learn anything new but to consolidate one has already learnt. Focus on revision of important formula steps, assumptions thus, should be on top of the mind of the aspirant. It becomes essential that the student, basis his own analysis and experience, develops a mindset and confidence of taking up which subject to start with in order to get maximum right answers. They should eat healthy & practice meditation to manage stress and maintain calmness.

With competitions rising and rising across the Nation, the path towards achieving success is no doubt getting harder…However, true to the “struggle for existence” theory, one has to prepare himself for the fierce struggle in order to bear golden reaps in the future. Thus always keep in mind that, “perseverance is the key to success” and that with hard work, sweat and determination all your dreams will turn into reality…So get, set and push it!

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