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“You have to dream before your dreams can come true” : Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

There is no substitute for hard work isn’t it? And when specially your exams are knocking at your doors, the one and only option available is ‘to revise and revise’. Since the countdown has already begun for the most important Engineering entrance exam of 2021, the first attempt for Mains being in February, it’s nevertheless crucial now to leave no stones unturned for the acing of it. JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exam of the country and every year lakhs of students fight nearly neck to neck for cracking the same and get into their dream colleges. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation strategies and clear mind set in order for cracking zestfully the same.

Motivation is key. JEE is a tough exam to crack even if you have the intellect because it requires one to study so much everyday for hours and hours. It is understood why one would get demotivated in these circumstances.

  1. Positive self-affirmation: Whenever you get stuck trying to understand or solve a problem, you tend to feel demotivated. You even start to feel like dropping the subject. At that point, you need to remind yourself that all the students who are preparing for JEE are going through the same struggle. Sometimes we see others, and compare what we have done compared to them. We start panicking. In JEE preparation, doing this won’t help. Don’t compare yourself to others. If you haven’t started your preparation yet, start now. Focus on making your preparation strong.
  2. Say No To Rush and Fuss : Don’t force yourself into a tough routine, like forcibly waking up early. If you have a habit of studying at night, do it! Because if you struggle with waking up and sitting down, struggling more with your studies will only get you demotivated.
  3. Be self-driven: Find out what drives you. You yourself are the best person to do that. Once you identify your drive, it gets easier to deal with the struggles, mistakes, etc. Set certain goals for a day, like solving 150 problems in chemistry, or covering chapters that you face trouble with. And make sure to accomplish your goal. This sense of accomplishment will keep you going in the busiest of days without you getting demotivated.
  4. Be in good company: Both positive and negative energy can be infectious so keep away from any negative energy. If you are amidst good company, it’s just natural that you will be in good spirits. Make sure you surround yourself with strong-willed, self-driven people and you will find that just being in their midst is motivating enough.
  5. Imagine a Bigger Picture: Preparing for an intense exam like JEE, it is without a doubt that you will get bored and irritated while looking through its vast syllabus and complexity of the topics. At that time your imagination comes into the picture. Imagine yourself getting into your dream institute IIT. Take breaks in between study hours. If you study for 2 straight hours, take a 30 minute break, walk around the house, do chores, and then sit back to study.
  6. Reward yourself daily: Keep a daily goal; it could be that you finish a certain topic that day or maybe you solve a set of difficult problems that day. Once you accomplish your goal, reward yourself with little treats. This will rejuvenate your mind and sub-consciously encourage you to achieve daily goals. When you give weekly or fortnightly tests, go outside with your friends, have a little fun. Studying is not everything in life, and talking to other humans will only improve your mental state. Just keep in mind to not think about your friends’ problems, you already have problems of your own.
  7. Quality Time With Family : Although you’re at your house studying all day, you’re still detached from your family. Spending time with your family, watching a movie at night, having meals together will help you keep your mind fresh. Discuss your problems are tell your parents about the day.

An exam like JEE requires perseverance, hard work and determination to succeed. However, always remember that, a strenuous and stressful preparation can never fetch you fruitful results. Also, it needs to be kept in mind that distractions of any kind may detach you from achieving longer goals, it may be useless thoughts as well! Hence, keep the old saying in mind that, “A magic only becomes reality with hard work, sweat and determination”. Therefore stay focused, be happy, and be confident in yourself, for “Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger”.(Arnold Palmer)

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