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Success is our goal, At VMC we believe in winning of all”

Yes, at Vidyamandir , we dream , speak and taste success in each and every step. Our legacy of success continues for over 3 decades and we feel immense gratification when our dear students get into their dream colleges and become the true pride of our Nation.
Indeed the name Vidyamandir Classes has become synonymous with success in JEE ADVANCED, JEE MAINS , NEET and other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams.
VMC has not only designed, delivered , innovated and perfected the art of teaching , but has also guided its students eventually helping them to realize their dream career .
In this globalized world of rat race and fierce competition, the number of candidates appearing for JEE ADVANCED, JEE MAINS and other Engineering Entrance exams like BITSAT, VITEE have considerably increased , against the available intake. Hence , succeeding in such competitive environment requires planned preparation and strategy through proper guidance and mentoring by experts.

We at VMC work with the students, carefully understanding their abilities and subject knowledge and then teach them to bring them to the required level, where they can outstand their peers and realize their dream. We believe in “man- making education” and hence the “Real meaning of education” as outlined by our Founders and to provide an environment to all our students which not only help them learn well , but to grow them as individuals and inspire them to realize and explore their own potential.
VMC started as a small institute in 1986, with a very limited intake and with a vision to ensure all its students make it to the IITs. We are credited with formalizing the IIT-JEE Entrance coaching and bringing about many “FIRSTS” in this education segment and yes, fortunately which now others follow! Hence , we can happily say that the fact that more than 54,000 students appeared for VMC’s NATIONAL ADMISSION CUM SCHOLARSHIP TESTS for limited seats , gives ample testimony to the faith and credentials of VMC within the JEE aspirants and communities.
Having said so, let’s now look at our sweeping success in JEE results of 2019 and a sneak-peak into our “Heroes”, the Achievers :
JEE ADVANCED 2019 : We take pride in our sweeping success in JEE ADVANCED 2019 results. There were 29 ranks in top 500, 63 ranks in top 1000 and 1034 selections from all courses.
JEE MAINS 2019: 2637 VMC students qualified for JEE MAINS 2019. Around 30 ranks in top 500 and 53 ranks in top 1000 and 100 percentiles in subjects such as 4 students secured the same in Physics, 5 in Chemistry and 10 in Mathematics.


He secured an AIR of 26 in JEE ADVANCED 2019. He believes that to excel in JEE ADVANCED, one has to focus on thinking capacity, which he felt he mastered in his years at VMC. He enrolled into VMC in class 11 and referred mainly to VMC workbooks and modules, beside few references. He further believes that practice, understanding and determination are very important for acing an exam like JEE. To him, “VMC teachers are the best i have known so far , the uniqueness of VMC is that it focuses on overall development of the individual”..
Watch him speaking on his success story at : https://youtu.be/rbd7AFtD72c


Pradipta secured an AIR of 76 in JEE MAINS and an AIR of 28 in JEE ADVANCED. He feels that for scoring high in JEE MAINS, one need to remember very well the formulas , for Advanced, one needs to have conceptual clarity, understanding and application methods. He was enrolled into VMC 4 Year Classroom Course. To him, VMC materials “are comprehensive enough without being overtly complex”. He feels that the unique point of VMC lies that, it always encourages one to enjoys preparation, rather than stressing it out.
Watch him sharing his success story at : https://youtu.be/zRZMmgs5LxI


Another of our achiever he secured an AIR of 82 in JEE ADVANCED. For his JEE preparations, he mainly referred to VMC workbooks and modules. He feels strongly that for acing JEE, hardworking is the primacy, apart from that one needs to have faith in oneself too. “VMC gave me the motivation and the right direction to study”, Pranay elatedly mentioned. Further to him, VMC study material is one of the best in the country, as he mainly referred to that. “The environment of VMC is very friendly is what makes it so unique” he concluded.
Watch him sharing his story at: https://youtu.be/xlGlVkj93Bo

Snehinh made us proud with an AIR of 98 in JEE ADVANCED . He feels that to crack Advanced, one needs to focus on conceptual clarity, apart from lots of practice. He excelled in WBJEE with a rank of 6th and an AIR of 1 in ISI B MATH. He had joined VMC in class 11 in SIP and strongly feels that, VMC books, modules , test series helped him in his approach and success towards his journey. “The teachers at VMC were fathers and friends to me” , he added in his excerpt. The extra classes, doubt clearing sessions provided by VMC helped him to an way extent. The unique point of Vidyamandir Classes he feels is “the homely touch” which differentiates it from other institutes.

Watch him sharing his journey of success at: https://youtu.be/u6xgtZ2_4Ss?list=RDCMUConPUBSiB7UkdMH2nkYzxAA


He wore the winning hats in JEE MAINS with an AIR of 23 and an AIR of 162 in JEE ADVANCED. According to him “consistency” is the key factor for cracking JEE and that one shouldn’t stop one’s hard work in between the 2 years. “VMC teachers are five stars”, he added and that VMC materials “are more than sufficient for JEE”. Jitender had enrolled into VMC in class 11 itself in 2 Year Classroom Course ..”VMC is always there for the extra support which is really very helpful”, he added further.

Watch him speaking on his story at : https://youtu.be/ddT40nOxAZc


Another of our “Hero”, made us proud by scoring an AIR of 176 in JEE ADVANCED. He strongly followed the Vidyamandir lectures and schedules and his study plans mostly revolved around them , from class 11 onwards as he enrolled into VMC 2 Year Classroom Course. “I mostly referred to VMC modules and workbooks and supplementary materials as they were coherent in line with the exam patterns”, he mentioned. He believes that for acing JEE ADVANCED, one needs to have crystal clear concepts , as well as subsequent amount of depth. “The teachers are extremely friendly at VMC and I enjoyed studying there”, he further added.
Watch him sharing his success story at: https://youtu.be/oJz89AlTfKc

And very recently, we are proud to announce that, we once again have got sweeping success in JEE MAIN 2020 : https://www.vidyamandir.com/vmc_results.html.. Hence if you want to become a part of this tremendous success story, register now for our National Admission Test or NAT and leave no stones unturned for giving wings to your imagination. For more details, just visit: https://www.vidyamandir.com/nat-national-admission-test.html

Our founders and management have always held to the fact that growth is important , but only when you can live up to the standards set for education. Till date , we are keeping this our vision and mission and carrying this legacy of aiming to provide only and only quality education and learning to the future citizens of our Nation and take pride ourselves in making our Motherland proud for our dear students , the true gems!!

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