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What’s the Ideal Time to Gear Up for Your JEE Main & Advanced Preparation?

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When it comes to start preparing for the JEE Entrance Examination, then there are certain most important aspects that an Engineering aspirant needs to consider. Any loopholes during preparation should not be overlooked as JEE is considered to be the most difficult exams to get through. It is also considered to be the most sought after exams because it opens up doors to get admission into some of the most prestigious Engineering Institutes like IIT’s, NIT’s, and other institutions across the country.

Today, one of the biggest challenges that students are facing while preparing for JEE is the incapability to devote their time for self-improvement & to stay focused for their career goals. Meanwhile, students also need to make some compromises in terms of their social life and to stop doing anything that align with their career goals. If students are ready to make compromises, then half of the battle is won.

In a nutshell, students should Start Early. They should start preparing themselves right from class 8th or 9th as starting early will help brush up their fundamentals and build up confidence in them.

Preparing for JEE in Class 8, 9, & 10

In this stage, students are exposed to basic fundamentals, which can help them enrich their overall logical thinking, IQ and scientific aptitude. Also, students can get more focused and it helps build concentration.

It’s the best time to plan for your future as you don’t have much stress and have a clear understanding about your goals and interests. In addition to this, if you join a Foundation Program during this stage, then it would help you prepare for different level competitive examinations.

The foundation programs have been specifically designed to boost the analytical, creative & high-order thinking skills of the students. Through these programs, students can get a head start for competitive level examinations like NEET, JEE Main & Advanced, NTSE, NSEJS / IJSO, RMO & Olympiads. The subjects like Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) & Mathematics will test the mental ability of students and sharpen their intellect.

Preparing for JEE in Class 11th & 12th  

The syllabus for JEE is almost similar and cover almost all the topics being taught in Class 11th and 12th. Irrespective of that, students get a chance to solve mental ability questions, which could enable them to develop problem solving aptitude. In this stage, students can train themselves aggressively for IITJEE and their board exams as well.

If a student is already willing to start JEE Preparation from class 11, then he/she can benefit a lot in terms of many aspects like there is a longer consistent practice, no hustling of completing the syllabus, get enough time to solve complicated problems, and make students capable enough to maintain notes which will be good for revision. It’s also advised to join a good coaching institute wherein students can get coaching from well experienced and qualified teachers. So, cracking JEE will like a “cake walk” after this.

Preparing for JEE after class 12th   

Students can also start right after their class 12th, however, at this point of time cracking JEE will become more difficult and challenging and a student needs to put in extra efforts to get through the examination. The best way to prepare is to solve an ample amount of previous year’s sample question papers and taking online mock tests. This way, students can get an idea about the pattern and difficulty level of questions. It’s also advised to refer best JEE Preparation Books and study materials, learn all important formulas, strengthen your weak areas, and make note of important topics. You’ll benefit a lot in your last minute preparation. You are also advised to study at least for 10-12 hours a day. Revise, Revise and Revise & you are done.

Bonus Tips for Students:

If you join a recognized Coaching Institute like Vidyamandir Classes for your IITJEE Preparation, then you will get benefits in terms of learning from best teachers, personal mentorship, scientifically designed study material, time tested learning pedagogy, and more.

At VMC, the program for JEE Main & Advanced has been designed with special focus on bridging the learning gap, improving the skill and enabling students to build right exam temperament. Students can get empowered to provide their best possible performance to secure a seat in the prestigious IIT’s and NIT’s. Students are provided with model test papers, home assignments and other study resources, which are sufficient enough to brush up their fundamental skills & help them attain phenomenal success in XII boards, KVPY & Olympiads.  

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