Hello people,

Before I start with this article , let me introduce myself. I am Vipul Aggarwal , student of Computer Science at BITS,Pilani , ex VMCian,2008 regular batch.

Let me tell you what this article is all about. It’s to help you make a decision regarding your choice when you have lots of good options available ( only when none of them happens to be IIT—that is your JEE Rank is not good enough to get you your desired branch in a good IIT).

All the stuff that I will be writing here , is solely based on my one year stay in BITS. I will tell you what  my situation was, when the results came out. I had good enough ranks in every other entrance tests to get me computer science in any college except IIT.

It was really frustrating when you have many options in your hand but you don’t want to use any of them, but you got no other choice but to choose one of them. So was the case with me. I had to make a choice between BITS,Pilani and NSIT . I was getting computer science at the both the places.

I will list out all the points that made me select BITS over NSIT.

·         BITS engineering degree is internationally recognized at par with IIT’s.

·         BITS alumni is quite influential and is an internationally recognised body.

·         There is college culture in BITS, rather than classroom culture of NSIT. By college culture , I mean you will have to go to different classes to attend lectures and not the other way round, that you stay in one class and teachers keep on changing. Many of you may find it a bit childish, but this is one part of college education. J

·         The freedom you get there is way beyond imagination. What do you say to ZERO % ATTENDANCE , ehh ??  This means you can bunk as many classes as you want and you will still be allowed to sit for the exams. This was just the fun part, but this freedom actually helps you to get involved in activities and things/projects  of your choice rather than study the boring coursework ( believe me, college education is very boring. Not as exciting as it sounds.)

·         In NSIT, most of the students are from the Delhi NCR region. But in BITS, you meet students from all parts of the country,  get to know about their cultures which is quite interesting and enriching. Now, when I am talking  about students over here, the quality of students that you meet here is quite good. And by good , not only in academics but in co-curriculars as well.

·         You get to stay in a hostel which is the best part of college life. In case of NSIT, what I know to the best of my knowledge is many first yearites are not allotted hostels due to lack of space and the rest don’t prefer hostels due to close proximity to their residences. But there, you have no choice except to stay in institute hostels. And, to stay away from home is quite cool and fun . You can do whatever you want, sleep at your choice of time. And this is not the best part, there are a lot more things that you enjoy with this independence.  

These were some of the points that influenced my choice.

 I will also list out the things that I got to know on reaching here.

·         The food here is excellent. Well, atleast in my mess. And you can always eat in other messes.

Besides there are ample restaurants in the Cannaught Place here , an all night canteen and the best of them all, the Food King Café. Cannaught  is a place inside the campus, a popular hangout where you find all sorts of shops to meet your needs.

·         The course work is quite strenuous. If you are coming here, be prepared for it. The exam schedule is quite heavy. Once the first month is over, from the second month onwards, you have 7-8 tutorial tests(half of them surprise) and 2-3 minor tests. They may seem not much  of a burden now , when you are just finished with your JEE preparation, but once the college starts , you won’t be studying like you used to study. Ten hours a day and all. It will be more of fun studying rather than the serious and focused one of your JEE preparation. So be prepared.

·         There are lots of departments and clubs here.

·         You realize the importance of home . And you miss Delhi a lot.

·         Many people might have speculations about the weather conditions here. Well yes, its damn too hot in the summers and the other extreme in the winters. Many people do take it as a serious issue. But believe me , you’ll learn how to manage with that( seriously not a big deal).

·         Pilani as a place is somewhat isolated from urbanisation. But once you enter the BITS campus ,there is nothing you miss from the city. I mean it’s a self sufficient campus with great facilities. Well, you will not find multiplexes or malls or famous foodchains like McD there, but is it that important a factor to choose your college!

·         @ VMCians

Guyz, let me tell you. Get a good rank in JEE.  Because if you end up here, you will have lots of questions to answer.  I will tell you my experience. I have lost the count of times when people made comments like “You were in VMC and not in IIT…padhte –vadhte nhi the kya ?”.I still haven’t figured out the answers to these questions. So try to get a good course in IIT  during counselling even if it happens to be Textile engineering in IIT –Delhi( only if you are not much inclined towards discipline but more towards the brand name,that is if you are  obsessed about IIT.).


One more thing, these are all based on my experience. So you might hear differently from other people.


In case you have doubts or need to know more about BITS, Pilani, contact me at vipulaggarwal007@gmail.com


Wishing you best of luck with with your results .




P.S. – This article involves some valuable contributions from my friend , Nipun Jain. ( Computer  Science, BITS Pilani ,exVMCian,2008regular batch). You can contact him at nipunjain90@gmail.com)