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Winning the Engineering & Medical Exam Battle in First Attempt

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With infinite dreams in heart and excitement in blood, millions of young minds commence their journey to become engineers and doctors craving to get into college of their choice. But much to our displeasure, life never goes as planned, it’s as uncertain as the next JEE or NEET exam we are about to give. However, no matter how much oblivious we are to the questions we’ll be thrown at, we can always be well-prepared to fight a fierce battle and let exams and life call it shots; with the hope that the victory will forever be ours!

Exam is synonymous to stress and fear; JEE and NEET, being amongst the toughest exams in India are no exception. With the years unfolding and competition getting tougher, adopting right steps at the right time will not only enhance you to perform your best but it will undoubtedly act as a cherry on the cake.

Let’s take a look at the Do’s and the Don’t s
• It is undeniably a good idea to have quite an adequate knowledge about the syllabus and the paper pattern.
• It’s crucial to have a tentative schedule which will help in systematizing things. A time table will not leave you confused or out of place.
• Consistency is essential. Devoting five to six hours every day will help us build a rhythm and will lead you t
o your dream.
Give regular mock tests to check your speed and accuracy. This will also give you an idea on your performance and the areas wherein you need improvisation.
• Clear your doubts and solve your queries on a regular basis. Don’t keep them to last minute.
• Go through the previous years of question papers. They account as an important study material.
• Preparing notes of all the important topics will be beneficial while revising before the exam.
• Choose a coaching institute near your place to reduce travelling, stress & time.
• Divide the entire course into parts and complete the part according to the allotted time.
• Complete your entire syllabus at least six months before the entrance exams so that you have ample time to revise.
• Do detailed test analysis after every test.
• Know your strengths and weaknesses topic -wise and subject –wise.

Never pile up your doubts
• Do not refer to many books on a single subject
• Do not refer to irrelevant books by getting fascinated from your peer group
• Do not devote too much time on a single topic
• Never give test without a time limit

During this time, students should examine and analyse their common mistakes and work upon them in order to make a stronger case for JEE/NEET exams. They should devote more time and energy to subjects or topics in which they are weak. They should also memorize the formulas, method of calculations and test their speed in order to prepare themselves for the exams.
The JEE/NEET exam is likely to be stressful. The students are expected to appear for around three hours papers back to back in case of JEE advanced. To prepare for such a situation, students must create an exam-like atmosphere by taking mock tests by timing themselves as per the real exams. Students must go through last few years’ question papers and feel confident by solving them more than once before they appear for the main exams.
Students should not try solving a whole lot of problems at this stage & altogether avoid complicated problems. Relaxing, having a good sleep, eating healthy, etc. are also very important. It is pertinent that students estimate the time taken by them to solve the questions so that they can determine the number of questions they can easily solve during the duration of the exam. This important step will help them shape a strategy for taking the test. They should look to improve upon the question selection and prioritization for the same. Again, solving mocks would be the most efficient tool. Further, distract yourself from social media like Facebook and Instagram during this time; don’t let yourself get diverted to any form of these attractions and simply focus on your goal.

By this time, the students would have studied and revised everything and done a thorough analysis of their weakness and strengths by taking several mocks both topics wise as well as subject wise. This is not the time to learn anything new but to consolidate one has already learnt. Focus on revision of important formula steps, assumptions thus, should be on top of the mind of the aspirant. It becomes essential that the student, basis his own analysis and experience, develops a mindset and confidence of taking up which subject to start with in order to get maximum right answers. They should eat healthy & practice meditation to manage stress and maintain calmness. And last, but not the least, don’t let yourself get diverted to the fascinating world of social media…Distract yourself from these and possibly your smart phone for the larger gains in your life.

Unquestionably, there are boundless expectations and a lot to study but don’t let stress overwhelm you. Like anything else, exam is just a small battle in the war of life and as long as you don’t give up, you’ll be known as a winner. So keep fighting, stay determined, trust yourself and know that you have got this!


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