NTSE | Part Test – 1 Class X

SCHEDULE: Monday, 19th August 2019

Offline: 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Online: 4:00 pm to 11:55 pm


Physics: Motion, Force and Laws of Motion, Gravitation

Chemistry: Matter in our surroundings, Is Matter Around Us Pure

Maths: Number System, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equation in Two Variables, Introduction to Euclid’s geometry, Lines and angles, Triangles, Heron’s formula

Biology: Cell, Tissues, Improvement in Food Resources

Social Science: French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Nazism and the Rise of Hitler, Forest , Society and Colonialism, Peasants & Farmers, Pastoralists in the Modern World, Clothing, The Story of Cricket, Democracy in the Contemporary World, What is Democracy & Why Democracy, Constitutional Design, Democratic Rights, Electoral Politics, Working of Institutions

MAT: Verbal & Non-Verbal Series, Logical sequence of Words, Verbal & Non-Verbal Analogy, Coding & Decoding, Verbal & Non-Verbal Classification, Arithmetical Reasoning

VENUE: M M Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura

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Monthly Online Test – 4 | Class 10

SCHEDULE   :         Friday, 30th August 2019 (LIVE for 48 Hours)


Physics         :         Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (1st Class Only)

Chemistry    :         Metals and Non-Metals, Periodic Classification

Math            :         Introduction to Trigonometry, Some Applications of Trigonometry

Biology        :         How do Organisms Reproduce?

Monthly Online Test – 4 | Class 9

SCHEDULE   :         Friday, 30th August 2019 (LIVE for 48 Hours)


Physics         :         Gravitation and Fluids, Work and Energy (NCERT)

Chemistry    :         Is Matter Around us Pure, Atoms and Molecules (up to section 4)

Math            :         Linear Equation in Two Variables, Quadrilaterals

Biology        :         Diversity in Living Organisms

JEE Advanced – 3 | JEE 2020

SCHEDULE   :         Sunday, 18th August 2019

Offline         :         Paper 1: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm & Paper 2: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Online          :         10:00 am to 11:55 pm


Physics         :         Electrostatics, DC Circuits, Capacitors, Magnetic Effects of Current, EMI

Chemistry    :         Solid State, Liquid Solution, Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Organic Halides, Organic Concepts, Oxygen Containing Organic Compounds – 1

Maths          :         Functions, Inverse Trigonometry, DC-1 & 2, IC-1 & 2