Counselling JEE Adv – Mathematics & Computing @ IITD

This is a 5 years course offering an Integrated degree in Mathematics and Computing. There’s no B.Tech Degree though that hardly matters.

This course contains a variety of courses from abstract and applied mathematics, computer science and electronics giving a lot of exposure to various fields. The content of mathematics courses is entirely different from high-school stuff with more focus on understanding and writing proofs rather than computing anything. So, in a way don’t relate this to the mathematics you have studied till now.

The computer science courses are mostly taught by the professors from mathematics department and currently there are only a couple of the professors in such areas from mathematics department.

There is a faculty shortage in the department and at times, one may have to suffer from lack of electives (subjects that are chosen based on interest)

Overall, if you’re willing to come to Delhi and unable to get Computer Science and Electrical Dual then Mathematic and Computing is a good option for keeping your career pretty much open to everything.

Mechanical Vs MCA: Mechanical dept. on the other hand has a better faculty in general but if you love the computers stuff and want to be in Delhi, then choosing mechanical engineering will not be a very wise option.

As far as the placements are concerned, they’re quite good and in high-earning sectors like finance, consultation, software engineering etc.

The best thing about MCA- curriculum and career opportunities

Worst thing – Faculty issues


Rohan Anand