Counselling JEE Adv – Production & Industrial @ IITD

Production and Industrial Engineering is a part of Mechanical Engineering, which mainly covers Industrial and production par out of the four subgroups of mechanical engineering: Industrial, Production, Design and Thermal. Design is also studied although not in greater depths.

Production courses provide great technical and practical (hands on experiences) knowledge. It is fascinating to learn how the products we see in our daily life are manufactured through various processes (about which most people never think).

Design courses involve fair amount of mechanics and deals with designing of a component according to the functional requirements before its real manufacturing. In Industrial, students learn great managerial knowledge. It includes aspects like Supply chain management and operations research which aim at management and optimization of operations.

The industrial courses involve fair amount of maths (a large part of which is probability). It involves fair amount mechanics (stresses, strains as you know it) and a fair bit of study and analysis of the production processes. Other than these mandatory courses, students can always opt for elective courses according to their area of interest.

The branch is in only one way different from mechanical Engineering, an apprehension many people have, that it involves absolutely zero amount of thermodynamics. Other than that, there is no difference and for first the two years, the design and production courses of both the streams are similar.

Job prospects are very good. For future in Industrial engineering, students can opt for jobs in FMCG’s (fast moving consumer goods) or in industries related to Supply chain management or Operations Research while Production industries also come in good numbers for recruitment of people with interest in Production engineering (Don’t worry about the technical terms written here, you will understand them while reading them). Further research options are also splendid whichever field it may be design, industrial or production. Higher study options like Masters or an integrated MS & PhD is are popular among students.


Rohan Buddhiraja & Anshul Singhal