DCE Entrance exam: Last minute tips

Hi Students

JEE and AIEEE are over now but you still have an important exam left in the pipeline. The journey till now must have been full of hard work.

But you must not stop here……………. as no one knows at this stage what can be a better option for you later on. At the end of day, if you have lots of good options available (i.e. either a good branch or a good institute), it is easier for you to take the right decision.

At present, you must put hard work for DCE entrance. Study 13-14 hours a day. Last moment slogging will definitely help to score better. From our experience we know that those who work hard in last few weeks (after IITJEE exam) score better rank than others. If you get relaxed, you will score poor rank irrespective of how well you prepared for IITJEE. Believe me it really hurts to see poor rank at the time of result. You will feel: “Me agar thoda aur pade lehta to mera bhi achaa rank aataWe suggest :

  • You must do last ten year papers of DCE entrance (from Arihant or any other publications)
  • You should do NCERT 11th and 12th class Chemistry (esp. Inorganic Chemistry)
  • You should do NCERT 11th and 12th class Physics (esp. Topics not covered at JEE)
  • Leftover topics of Mathematics which were not part of IITJEE
  • If you have more time, practice IITJEE questions (objective) from last few year papers.

Important Tips for DCE Entrance:

  • Speed is very important but do not forget the accuracy factor. Don’t waste time on one particular question. Read question, if idea did not click in 20-30 seconds, move to another question. Your concentration should be at peak to avoid silly and calculation mistakes. Before starting a new question, recall “I will do it right. NO Mistake
  • Physics and Chemistry paper is generally easier as compared to Mathematics (which is not only difficult but also lengthy), so strategy is to save time in Physics and Chemistry.
  • Do Mathematics in the last and get maximum questions correct i.e. do not go for guess work in Mathematics (Do not forget that you have maximum practice for Mathematics).

We are also conducting a Mock test for DCE Entrance exam on 10’th May, 2009 from 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM at S.D.Public School, and all the Vidyamandir Classes students, who are taking the DCE exam this year should come to enhance their preparation.

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