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How to Strengthen the Basics for the IITJEE Exam Syllabus!

How to Strengthen the Basics for the IITJEE Exam Syllabus! Posted On
Posted By Deepak Mishra

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The IITJEE is a challenging exam, however that difficulty isn’t exclusively attributable to the subject matter. The IIT curriculum alone is much tricky & difficult. To ace this incredibly challenging exam, you must have a solid understanding of the concepts.

You are probably already aware that time is the most expensive part of the IITJEE. Each minute spent on a question will result in a one-minute reduction in the time allotted for that question. Reading the question quickly, answering it quickly, and moving on to the next one are the objectives.

However, at the same time, we do not advise you to rush through the exam. To successfully answer the majority of questions correctly, a solid strategy must be created with the help of competent teachers. So, in this blog, we have created certain strategies that can help you improve your core understanding of the syllabus so that you can perform well on the exam date.

  • Strive to strengthen fundamental ideas

A solid foundation is essential for success in the JEE Main & JEE Advanced. Before moving on to other topics, there are several things you absolutely must master because they will crop up repeatedly in various forms throughout your exam preparation journey.

Understanding ideas like the area of a triangle or the volume of a sphere, for instance, is crucial not only for math but also for physics and chemistry. It’s usually preferable to have a solid foundation before moving on to more complicated subjects.

  • The Benefits of NCERT for JEE

Reading NCERT books is one of the key techniques to strengthen your conceptual comprehension. A significant chunk of the JEE syllabus is covered in the NCERT course. JEE students learn these throughout their academic careers, but it gets harder for them to stay up as they advance in class and start getting ready for tests. It’s time to revisit these books and go through the fundamentals once more.

NCERT textbooks are a great resource for IIT-JEE study since they thoroughly cover every subject without any ambiguity or vagueness in their explanations. They also contain a comprehensive set of problems that can help you practice answering different kinds of exam questions from prior years, which is extremely useful for candidates.

NCERT books are necessary to complete the JEE 2023 syllabus for the following reasons:

  • They cover every subject in detail without leaving any room for ambiguity or vagueness
    • You can practice answering various types of test questions using a comprehensive set of problems from past years’ exams.
    • The widely utilized NCERT textbooks are one of the most important resources for any engineering aspirant.
    • You now realize the benefits of making the time to read NCERT books in order to gain a deeper knowledge of concepts & ideas.
  • How well you studied matters more than how much you learned

You shouldn’t rush to finish the curriculum in its entirety. Such haste would be ineffective. Instead, incorporate everything with your study material. You would at least be able to respond to any queries coming from those. The closer the exam day gets, the more confused and anxious pupils seem to become. They just aim to finish the curriculum in its entirety. Don’t use that approach. Just maintain your composure and study at your own pace.

  • Many people find studying chemistry to be difficult

For the majority of pupils, chemistry is a challenging subject. They frequently skip the parts they find challenging. It will have an impact on their final grade. Without performing well in Chemistry, you cannot hope to succeed in the IITJEE. The only way to comprehend chemistry principles better is to study using examples.

  • Take as many practice exams as you can

It is vitally important to take mock exams. Mock exams would help you increase your speed, raise your confidence, and solidify the fundamentals in your memory. The best IIT-JEE preparation facilities encourage mock exams because of this. Every week, tests are administered. Although it is included in position 10, this is the most crucial piece of advice for improving fundamental skills for the IIT JEE.

  • Regular Practice Is Required

The only way to fully comprehend the IIT JEE syllabus 2023 is through consistent practice. It is crucial to practice for at least an hour per day, ideally two. This implies that active study and practice must still be done even if you are not currently preparing for a test. After reading the entire textbook, make a list of any questions you have.

If you have enrolled in any JEE online program, then you can obtain assistance from knowledgeable teachers to answer your questions and maintain the clarity of your concepts. Additionally, you will receive practice papers on a regular basis to complete, helping you to solidify your understanding.

  • To improve your ability in physics, work on problems and take practice exams

For many pupils, problems in Physics are tricky. Each problem was given too much time, which left less time for subsequent questions. The performance will not be as anticipated as a result. Gaining a solid understanding of the fundamental ideas and formulas as well as practicing the questions is essential for improving your success in physics.

  • Write your own notes on biology

Unlike other courses, biology requires you to memorize the concepts and key fundamentals. It’s preferable to write everything out yourself. You will be grasping the concepts as you write, thereby making it easier to understand the difficult subject.


IIT-JEE, which attracts thousands of students, requires your thorough preparation and dedicated attitude. Only a devoted mind can devote the most time to studying and pass the exam with the highest score. Unquestionably, reputed IIT JEE coaching institutes help candidates get ready for this extremely difficult entrance exam.

We advise you to sign up as soon as possible for IIT JEE coaching. You could get help from Vidyamandir Classes, one of the organizations that serves as the sole legitimate center of learning for the IIT JEE Main, and Advanced, NEET, and other important exams like the Boards and Olympiads. So, Think IIT, Think VMC.

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