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Mr. Brij Mohan, Bade Bhaiya

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“Gurau na prāpyatē  yattannān’yatrāpi hi labhyatē. Gurūprasādāt sarvaṁ tu prāprōntyēva na sanśayaḥ”

A Legendary educator of Chemistry, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, & a Driving Force behind Vidyamandir Classes monumental success & long-standing Legacy of almost 40 years”

The aforementioned quote from the great Upanishads encapsulates the essence of our respected Bade Bhaiya that real knowledge can be received only from a True Guru. As a result, only the Guru’s blessings can lead to wisdom.

Bade Bhaiya is a true educationist who has been tirelessly illuminating students with his ever-expanding knowledge of the Chemistry domain. His enthusiasm for teaching Chemistry in the classroom is infectious, and his students remember him and marvel at his extraordinary teaching methodology years after completing their course from VMC. A founder of Vidyamandir Classes; he is one of the strongest pillars of unwavering fortitude.

Known as the “Most Passionate Teacher of Chemistry” his goal is simple; create successful IITians who act as a catalyst and bring a change not only in the Science spectrum but also in “Society” & “Humanity”. He completed his graduation from the coveted IIT Delhi in the year 1985. His vision of holistic approach and dedication has truly made VMC – The most sought-after institute for JEE and thus making it synonymous with our mantra of THINK IIT! THINK VMC! for almost 40 years & forever…

The young minds that hoped to become engineers in the future needed something that would greatly strengthen them, and that was his goal. Since the very beginning, Bade Bhaiya’s belief is driven by “Student’s First” credo where he, before everything else puts the students’ best academic interests. This is why, bade bhaiya has been a pantheon among a bevy of illustrious teachers. In his career, he has empowered countless students gain admission to IITs.

Every time we take on a task of this magnitude, our intention and sincerity determine the results. It was Bade Bhaiya’s ability to elevate Vidyamandir Classes to its present grandeur because of this precise quality of firm honesty.

He actually cares about each and every student. His power to recall the names & academic accomplishments of his past students is so accurate & precise that people are awestruck by his ability. He is very down to earth and has empathy for all children who are struggling or who experience moments of insecurity and self-doubt. And this very defining characteristic of Bade Bhaiya is the root cause of the great, prosperous tradition of Vidyamandir Classes.

Over the last few decades, Vidyamandir Classes has, with the paramount hand of Bade Bhaiya, carefully crafted their content while focusing on the most minute of details to help students break their glass ceiling. Bade Bhaiya, has been instrumental in helping his students reach that potential. There is an infectious energy which surrounds him; he drives motivation through his empowering words, and when he’s teaching, that is when he’s most at-home. He says “Through the matrix of all of those equations, calculations and formulae; that is where you’ll find the best version of yourself”

Successful endeavors like NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST (NAT), were the outcome of years of intense research and development in the area of the many tools of progression for aspiring engineering and medical students. In fact, VMC is the first institute to have started a flagship test NAT for Admission & Scholarships which as a matter of fact is the oldest & longest running test.

Think IIT! Think VMC! has become a revolutionary rallying cry for parents who wish to see their children conquer the IIT-JEE. Under the aegis of the Founders, thousands of students have realized their dream and the below given statements brilliantly captures the essence of our Founders dream:

“…you can live your dreams through hard work, patience, and faith in God…”

Ex-students talk about their experiences:

Kabhi aisa hota hai ki tum log bohot parhte ho aur fir bhi rank achchi nahi aati, aur kabhi kabaar kam parhke gaye aur bohot kamaal ki aa gayi. Ab tum poochoge kya karein? Main bolunga sirf parhte raho, tests analyse karo aur balki main to kehta hoon ye rank dekha hi matt karo. Ham sirf apna effort daal sakte hain. 🙂

Got 756 rank in JEE Advanced’14. Pursuing electrical engg power from IITD

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If you’re really worried that much, there’s someone who can really help you!

We used to call him “Bade Bhaiya” at Vidyamandir Classes. Go talk to him, you’re definitely gonna get answers to most of your questions.

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Not a really a dialogue but you vividly remember Bade Bhaiya Tightly clenching his fist with a jerk and saying “Passion” and the moment just filled you with so much inspiration it is on the verge of being inexplicable in words.

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What a memorable journey it was…

Filled with nostalgia…here I write some of the dialogues of bade bhaiya…

  • A mind at rest is the mind at best.
  • I am a man on mission…a mad man on mission.
  • Kisi question ko Ego pe mat liya karo…har question se friendship karne ki koshish kara karo…agar us question se friendhip naa ho..toh doosre question se friendship karne lag jaaya karo..!

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The experiences listed above that students have had with Bade Bhaiya are truly inspiring. Students genuinely like engaging with Bade Bhaiya, and this shows how attached he is to each and every one of them. Over time, he has assisted numerous students in succeeding and achieving their intended goals.

So, if you also aspire to become an Engineer, or a Doctor in the future, then here is the time to add wings to your career. Register for NAT, a National Admission Test, designed for students who want to succeed in JEE or NEET and are searching for professional assistance.

VMC is one of the first IIT-JEE institutes to implement an admission test. Therefore, it holds the National Admission Test (NAT) every year to choose the top candidates to win the race!

Grab a chance to get mentorship / motivational sessions by VMC Founders and Experts. So, what are you waiting for? Next NAT dates are 22nd & 29thJanuary, 2022. Hurry Up! Rush to register at www.vidyamandir.com  

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