IITJEE 2009, TS-6, Paper-1, Maths video solutions

I am posting here video solutions of some selected questions of TS-6, Paper-1 Mathematics. If you want more questions to discuss in video form, post in comments or post in forum. I know comment thing is not working but it will start working after 10/10/08.

If you want to see the text solution, visit : TS-6, Paper-1, Mathematics solutions in written form

The solution videos are recorded in low resolution mode so that people with poor Internet bandwidth can also see them. If visibility is a problem, then you can open video in full screen mode or visit the URL directly (mentioned in the youtube plugin) and watch video at youtube.


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IITJEE – 2009, Test Series – 6

Test Series – 6 is over. I hope all of you would have performed better than your last performance. Papers were almost of the same level as TS-5.

For those who did not appear at center can appear online at http://www.vidyamandir.com using web-client or they can use Testroom.


Result would be declared on Saturday, 11th October, 2010. You can see answers and solutions in revision module. You can visit revision module either at vidyamandir.com or using Testroom. If you are not able to reach Revision Module, let me know in comments. I will upload video to show how you can locate it.

If you want a video solution of any Mathematics question, please mention in comments.


IITJEE – 2009, Discussion of 3HRT – 5, Mathematics

In this blog I will be discussing questions from 3HRT-5 (3 hour test number 5). I am solving some questions from the paper. These questions were asked after the class by some students. If you want me to discuss more questions from this test, please write question number in the comment. Also mention whether you want just a written solution or audio-video solution.

Question 31

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