Vidyamandir Classes launches the Final Step 2016 course










Vidyamandir Classes is proud to announce the launch of 

The FINAL STEP – 2016


Final step – 2016 is a power packed finishing course for all Engineering aspirants for the 2015-2016 session. The course, which was till now offered to internal students of Vidyamandir Classes can be availed by all students and is the final success mantra for all major Engineering entrance exams in India.


Designed carefully by the Founders of Vidyamandir Classes, the course includes Board notes, Revision packages for JEE Main & JEE Advance, Home Practice tests & Test series, All India Mock tests and much more for JEE Main, JEE Advance, BITSAT, VITEEE, GGSIPU & other important exams


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Happy Learning

Team VMC

Focus on JEE Advanced 2013 now (time to move on)

Dear Students

JEE Mains 2013 (Offline) is now over and we hope you have done well in this examination. With this examination, you have crossed the first milestone in your career path, however there are more important milestones like JEE Advanced 2013 and BITSAT 2013 which are soon approaching and they demand a greater level of dedication and attention from your side.

We want to advise you all not to waste any further time in retrospection of your performance in JEE Mains 2013 examination. Over analysis and thinking will only hamper your preparation for the next, more important examinations for your Engineering career. These examinations are just a few days away and its time you move on and start devoting all your energy towards it.

For JEE Advanced 2013, we recommend that you solve past 5 years papers religiously, besides revising your concepts. These papers have been added to your Online account and you can login to your account on the website or Testroom software to take them. Analyse each paper after solving to recognize your strong and weak areas and plan your JEE Advanced paper strategy accordingly.

For BITSAT 2013, since the examination is completely online and the pattern is different as well, we recommend you to take Online tests on a computer before in for the main examination. Also, you should go through the additional subject which is tested in the exam. For BITSAT 2013, we have launched BITSAT 2013 Computer based test prep CD with 100Percentile, our Technology partner and this is available to all Vidyamandir students at 50% discount. To order, you can go to or call 18002006688 (Toll-free).

Wishing you luck and success
Bade bhaiya and the entire Vidyamandir family

VMC vs others in producing IITJEE 2009 Toppers

Lately many coaching centers are showing big advertisements in local newspapers where they show their top selections in IITJEE 2009 result. Many students and their parents believe that these selections are from Delhi zone as they are advertised by local coaching centers. Even many parents are thinking they are more their classroom programs. This is totally a wrong and misleading picture. Most of these selections are from other states (mostly south and west India) and from programs like Test Series, Rankers file etc in which these coaching centers don’t teach anything.

Here we want to highlight the true picture of top ranks in IITJEE 2009. Every parent and student must know about this so that data provided by other coaching centers should not mislead them.

Also through this we want to open the eyes of those who have misconception that VMC does not produce top ranks as compared to other coaching centers. It is also a must read for those who don’t trust the authenticity, methodologies and innovations of VMC.

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IITJEE – 2009, Discussion of 3HRT – 5, Mathematics

In this blog I will be discussing questions from 3HRT-5 (3 hour test number 5). I am solving some questions from the paper. These questions were asked after the class by some students. If you want me to discuss more questions from this test, please write question number in the comment. Also mention whether you want just a written solution or audio-video solution.

Question 31

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