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There is no substitute for hard work isn’t it? And when specially your exams are knocking at your doors, the one and only option available is ‘to revise and revise’. Since the countdown has already begun for the most important Engineering entrance exam of 2021, the first attempt for Mains being in February, it’s nevertheless crucial now to leave no stones unturned for the acing of it. JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exam of the country and every year lakhs of students fight nearly neck to neck for cracking the same and get into their dream colleges. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation strategies and clear mind set in order for cracking zestfully the same.
However, the recent announcement of our Education Minister, that JEE Mains will be conducted four times in a year- February, March, April and May has left students across the verticals in an utter confusion. The major concern being the normalization of percentile and all India ranking, which students are considering to be unfair. On the other hand, this decision is also good for students who have COVID or for students appearing for their board exams, who can appear for the next attempt.
The choice of four attempts is probably only for this year considering the C-19 pandemic. The students have 4 chances but it’s not compulsory to give all four. One can choose two as usual or may be three for a better luck. The preparation level in real time does not have too much impact by increasing the attempts. But few students can definitely benefit if something really went wrong on one day on the other side it can equally be opposite as well. Average students should give all 4 attempts to take the advantage however top rankers would love to score high in earlier attempts so that they can prepare them for advanced.

• The cut off will depend upon the number of aspirants appearing in a session. If due to boards fewer students appear in March/April then the cut-off might suffer.

• IITs are beyond JEE Main. One who qualifies JEE Main are eligible to write JEE advanced through which they can take admission into IITs so by increasing attempts this year students might feel easier to go into IIT so craze can go high.

• Students should not think too much about the stats of the exam and keep their precreation robust and give the exam with full efforts. Those who are in class 12th can opt for February & May attempt as exams can be in March/April and students who are in 12th pass can opt for March & April attempt.

• Everything has a downside but there’s also a bright side to JEE Mains being conducted four times a year. It’s a right move keeping in mind the pandemic and various restraints that a student might face.

• Often when we are thrown with many options, we are bound to get laid back. Don’t get slacked, pour your sincere efforts in the very first endeavor. Don’t lose focus, strive for JEE Advance which is likely to happen at the end of June.

• The most important factor to be emphasized right now is the change in pattern of the options pertaining to given questions. Practice on problems related to integers, you can score well there. Refer to the important topics. Keep solving previous years question papers. There are more than 100 papers available on NTA’s website, try doing them.
JEE Mains being organized four times in a year doesn’t make any difference, treating this as a normal paper is quite important. The Board examinations are likely to be conducted between end of the March or April, after the guidelines issued by the Education Ministry. For the current batch of class 12th students, February and May attempt should be considered as utmost important as the boards to be scheduled sometime between March and April can hinder their scope of JEE Mains. However, there’s no need to panic and get tensed, address the coming exams like that of the previous years. Just stay focused, work hard, strive to make most of the opportunities and just remember, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

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