VMC vs others in producing IITJEE 2009 Toppers

Lately many coaching centers are showing big advertisements in local newspapers where they show their top selections in IITJEE 2009 result. Many students and their parents believe that these selections are from Delhi zone as they are advertised by local coaching centers. Even many parents are thinking they are more their classroom programs. This is totally a wrong and misleading picture. Most of these selections are from other states (mostly south and west India) and from programs like Test Series, Rankers file etc in which these coaching centers don’t teach anything.

Here we want to highlight the true picture of top ranks in IITJEE 2009. Every parent and student must know about this so that data provided by other coaching centers should not mislead them.

Also through this we want to open the eyes of those who have misconception that VMC does not produce top ranks as compared to other coaching centers. It is also a must read for those who don’t trust the authenticity, methodologies and innovations of VMC.

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Counseling sessions for IITJEE 2009 students

Dear Friends,

The long wait is over now. The IITJEE results have been declared. All of you have worked very hard for last two years sacrificing lots of things in the life. You should not ask for any certificate from others regarding your efforts and ability. Everyone is unique in this world so do not compare yourself with others. (Since it is the time when results will be raining……..one after the other and everyone will be comparing your results. CBSE has taken lead.)

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AIEEE 2009 exam analysis

This year AIEEE 2009 exam was held on 26th April, 2008 between 9.30 am and 12.30 PM. Around 10 Lakhs students appeared for the exam as compared to around 8 lakhs in AIEEE 2008.
Following are new introductions in AIEEE 2009 as compared to AIEEE 2008 exam.
There were 30 questions in each subject as compared to 35 in 2008. So total number of questions was 90 as compared to 105 in 2008.

This year there was 1/4 negative marking as compared to 1/3 in 2008. It means people would score more marks. Really?

Each question was of 4 marks as compared to 3 marks in 2008. So total maximum marks were 432 as compared to 315 in 2008.

Difficulty Level

Mathematics was definitely difficult as …………….

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What rank can I expect in AIEEE 2009 result?

This year AIEEE 2009 exam was held on 26th April, 2008 between 9.30 am and 12.30 PM. Around 10 lakh people appeared for this exam as compared to around 8 lakh in AIEEE 2008.
How to use this data?
Go through the solutions provided by VMC team with the help of 100percentile team at 100percentile website. See how much marks you are getting by comparing your answers and refer the following table to know what rank you can expect in AIEEE 2008 result.

Note: This is just a speculation based on expert judgment. So it will give you a rough idea. There is no authenticity of this data.

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IITJEE 2009, Physics papers marks distribution

The number of questions and marks distribution across various topics of Physics in IITJEE 2009 exam has been shown on a table. The table is helpful for those who would appear in IITJEE 2010 and IITJEE 2011. This will give them idea of the topics that were important in IITJEE 2009 exam. Click here to view the marks distribution table.