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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”
-Robert Collier

In the present age of globalisation, characterised by a fierce and competitive world of battlefield , the path to achieve success is becoming more and more challenging and strenuous. We are often challenged with a number of scenarios and sometimes it becomes highly difficult to judge which would be best for us in the longer run. We often get confronted between quality work or quantity work, the former no doubts lead for a better output for longer goals, however if we only aim at the former neglecting the latter, then we would end up in knowing and acquiring a little pinch of knowledge in the vast gamut of know-how and insight.

There is no substitute for hard work isn’t it? And when specially your exams are knocking at your doors, the one and only option available is ‘to revise and revise’. Since the countdown has already begun for the most important Engineering and Medical entrance exam of 2021, the first attempt for JEE Mains being in February, it’s nevertheless crucial now to leave no stones unturned for the acing of it. How often you have heard that it’s nearly impossible to crack JEE and NEET and get yourself admitted to the college you have aspired for so long! Both constitute two of the most difficult entrance exams of the country and every year lakhs of students fight nearly neck to neck for cracking the same and get into their dream colleges. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation strategies and clear mind set in order for cracking zestfully the same and you are no doubt left with the question as how to cover the entire syllabus or whether to leave some and focus on more important ones.

It’s a very common question which comes to our mind that what is more important to cover the entire syllabus or most important component of the syllabus, the question seems easy but its not and so the answer as well. It all depends on which phase of preparation you are in and how far is your exam from now. Let us discuss the scenario one after the other:
• If you have started your preparation or you are in class 11th then you have to focus on quantity of syllabus means you need to cover each and everything and every minutes of the syllabus in order to achieve a good rank in competitive exam or good percentage in boards.
• You can also bring in quantity with quality when you have ample time means you can increase your practice speed accuracy by solving more questions and studying more.
• If you have completed your syllabus and in the revision phase or you have not focused on your exam preparation since starting and want to give a best try in last couple of months then you should go on quantity of questions now you need to identify the important topics by analyzing at least last 5-7-year papers and find the most trending topics and practice questions from them.
• Let’s say if you are a 12th Pass student or you want to repeat the shot once more, that to appear again for JEE or NEET, then your focus should be exclusively on these and not on Boards. In that case, as you would be at a little ease, your aim should be grasping as much as you can, and at the same time engaging your time for solving quality questions too.

We at VMC , keeping in mind this time constraint, have framed exclusive Rapid Success Courses for 12th Pass students and the repeaters, as our mission is to incorporate qualitative learning with that of grasping the entirety of the syllabi…Just visit : https://www.vidyamandir.com/12-pass-rapid-courses/rapid-course-jee.html

In the conclusion we can say that if you are aiming high then both quality & quantity should maintain a right balance, if you are short of time then you have to choose one of them very precisely. However you should always keep in mind that, “Perseverance is the key to success”, hence be determined, focused, and win the goals.

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