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With infinite dreams in heart and excitement in blood, millions of young minds commence their journey to become engineers and doctors craving to get into college of their choice. But much to our displeasure, life never goes as planned, it’s as uncertain as the next JEE exam we are about to give. However, no matter how much oblivious we are to the questions we’ll be thrown at, we can always be well-prepared to fight a fierce battle and let exams and life call it shots; with the hope that the victory will forever be ours!
Exam is synonymous to stress and fear; JEE , being amongst the toughest exams in India is no exception. With the years unfolding and competition getting tougher, adopting right steps at the right time will not only enhance you to perform your best but it will undoubtedly act as a cherry on the cake.

This is the high time for the students who are appearing for JEE main February session. Firstly, students should not think too much about the result and four attempts right now. Keep yourself motivated and do wonders in JEE all four session. Board exams will start in May & now your focus has to be such that it should be win-win situation for both the exams the board & JEE.
Now let us divide the remaining time span in two parts.

First from now till start of board exams say 30th April.
This is the core time where you really need to slog for the JEE exam as there is only 30 days’ time from now and in this time. An advise is that one should study 9 to 10 hrs per day. During these days one should regularly take a mock test and after the test you need to spend at least 30 minutes in analysing it so that you can understand your strength & weakness & take care of the same in next test & the JEE exam. You can also try attempting any subject first and see which subject suits you best to start with. Remember every student is different if starting with chemistry works good for friend may be starting with Maths works for you so do not copy strategy of others in your strategy.
In the remaining six or seven hours divide it into two or three slots for two or three subjects Ideally one should give equal time to all subjects, but you can give a little more time in the subject which you feel is weak. Normally chemistry is the most scoring followed by physics followed by maths. In this time span you should focus on class 11th topics because right now you will be afresh with class 12th topics as board exams has just passed. From class 11th try to revise the following as soon as possible.


  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  3. Oscillation and Waves
  4. Units & Measurements.
  5. Rotational mechanics.


  1. Hydrogen
  2. S-Block Elements
  3. P-Block Elements
  4. D & F-Block Element
  5. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  6. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals


  1. Co-Ordinate Geometry
  2. Sets, Relations and Functions
  3. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  4. Matrices and Determinants
  5. Permutations and Combinations.

Lastly in the tight schedule of preparation don’t forget to be healthy so avoid fried & fast food, take antioxidants, drink lot of water & take small breaks after two hours of study, Take a walk or listen to light music & take proper sleep as well.

As per NTA norms JEE will be conducted four times this year once in February March April & May and best of it will be taken into consideration so its wise to give all attempts so that you can have parity in normalisation of percentiles and finally getting a rank.

Second after board exams till JEE main & advanced exam.
In this period obviously there will almost be no time for JEE May attempt but you have already given three attempts so it will be easier for you and after that if you have got percentiles above 95 then you can put in your more than 100 percent for JEE Advanced and in this time you don’t have pressure of studying language & 5th subject as well.

A final reminder: do not stress. Keep your cool and study. There have been many success stories, so do not worry – it is possible. Apply yourself – stick to a flexible plan and things will work out fine.
It is going to be a rigorous test of your life, but always remember that you can do it. Follow these steps and stay motivated. Share this with your friends and maybe you can engage in group studies as well. Plus, it is always best to get more positive inputs that you can integrate in your planning. Best of luck.

· Tips to attend exam and score maximum in JEE
 Devote time in paper as follows: Chemistry 45 mins, Physics 60 mins & Maths 75 minutes for JEE.
 Read instructions carefully.
 Attempt easy questions first.
 Do not create ego problem with any question & waste time in it.
 Every question is of equal marks so attempt questions which you know or can do first.
 Use you have marked the right option in the answer space.
 In numerical type questions check your calculations

With competitions rising and rising across the Nation, the path towards achieving success is no doubt getting harder…However, true to the “struggle for existence” theory, one has to prepare himself for the fierce struggle in order to bear golden reaps in the future. Thus always keep in mind that, “perseverance is the key to success” and that with hard work, sweat and determination all your dreams will turn into reality…So get, set and push it!

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